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So yesterday, I told you about another million-mile Honda Accord.  Here is the third example of an Accord that has gone over the magic number. In this case, the odometer broke early and had to be replaced. However, given that a local dealership bought the car to display, it all seems on the level. I can’t see how or why anyone would try and fake super high mileage unless there was some payoff for it. Given that David Witte was the  original owner who put all the miles on that car, I will credit him with the record.  He basically lived in the vehicle. It was rather anti-climatic when he went over a million, as the odometer had been replaced and was reading 605,798, but this doesn’t diminish the record in the slightest.

I found a re-post of this story on the Washington Post. If anyone knows what happened to this car, I’d love to know. Apparently, Hendrick Honda  put it up for sale in 2002? Tomorrow, I will have yet another example of a million mile Honda Accord.

Update: From Tyson over at Drivetofive. This actually appears to be a fifth generation Honda, but I wonder how far removed from the fourth generations it really is. I think its longevity adds some weight to the theory it might still have a fourth gen soul.


You may remember million-mile Joe, the man who put a million miles on his 1990 Honda accord.  Well, he is certainly not the only one to do that with an Accord. In fact, there are a few stories that have cropped up over the last few years that have people going over that major milestone. Today, I’m going to give another example. I found this article that linked to a forum thread way back in 2002 about a Honda accord that had gone over a million. I did a little Google searching and game up with this newspaper clipping about the event.  It’s legit. So legit in fact, that it would be a crime for him not to go in my hall of fame.

Back in 2002, Gordon Bearss took his 1993 Honda Accord wagon to the magic milestone, and Honda even got in on the act by inviting him to help them celebrate twenty years in manufacturing cars in the US.  There was something about those fourth generation Accords that makes them almost indestructible. I’ll have one more example about this tomorrow. It’s a little crazy.

*The Youtube video above features the car crossing 980,000miles.

Here is a breaking news story curtesy of Tyson Hugie at Drive to five. NBC nightly news is reporting that Volvo owner Vic Dres has taken his car to the limit. He drove his car to work everyday from 1988 to 1995. His trip is a little shorter these days, but it’s enough to put him over the one million barrier.  Volvo seems to have certified all his miles. Well, at least with their high mile program. Well done,  Vic! And thanks again to Tyson for passing along this great story.

Update: Here is an article from 1999 in the La Times that featured Vic and his car when it  ‘only’ had 622,000 miles. Amazing!

The following is the story of a man and his 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T. The amount of miles he accumulated isn’t what makes this story that impressive. He did get it up to 500,000 miles, which qualifies him for our list. What makes it impressive is that it’s a four cylinder engine, and that he had VW do an autopsy on the vehicle. What did they find? Not much really, I think that is the really story. The engine block was clean.  The engine was in really good shape due to the owners  constant vigilance.  He probably could have driven this thing another 500k easily.  But, I suppose, in the name of science, he made the sacrifice. You can read about it here on his blog.

So for those of you who think a four cylinder can’t handle the wear and tear like a V6, you are so wrong.

Today’s high-miler comes from the UK. Bruce Olsen bought a 1964 Ford Pickup(F100 I’m thinking) in 1973 with 200k miles on it. He then proceeded to drive it to 804,000 miles, where it is still being used. These aren’t a lot of miles in a short amount of time, but rather a nice long roll down the road of time. Well done on keeping your ride going.  It’s great to see these long terms relationships between owners and their cars.

I should mention he says there isn’t a lot left that was original in the truck. I would assume the entire drive train has probably been swapped at least once, but I can’t be sure.

Today’s HMC article is an oldie but a goodie that comes from Australia.  Collin Muddle bought a used Toyota Landcruiser in 2004. He converted it to gasoline after he put 100k on it. Then he drove it up to a million Kilometers. From what I can see from the photos, he is not light on his cars at all. In fact, he used the car for almost everything, including towing and long haul trips. I know he purchased the vehicle in 2004, but I can’t find out what year the car was. If anything knows anything about the current status of this car, please let us know.



I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this blog here yet. Over at Drivetofive,  Tyson features his adventures with his 1994 Acura Legend  and its journey to 500,000 miles and beyond. What makes his blog so amazing are the stories he tells about every mile his cars take.  He might be the one person out there I know of that is giving live updates about his current mileage. This is something I think is awesome. I just wish the million-mile-Miata folks were doing that. Keep up the great work Tyson.  You have certainly made the Hall of Fame list.

I often search various car forums to see if there are any new cases of high-mile vehicles. Today I came across Subaru owner David Z, who had a 2001 Forester that he has put 437, 000+ miles on.  Other than the regular maintenance, a head gasket and a radiator, there haven’t been many major issues at all. Though, it does appear he needed to replace the drive shaft. I would consider that a majorish repair. That sounds like an amazing car to me. Well done on the regular maintenance.  He is still updating, so if he happens to hit a milestone, we’ll be there to cover it.


Here’s a lovely story from Petrolicious about a 1964 Porsche 356 with nearly a million miles on it. At last count, driver Guy Newmark had 982,000 miles on his baby. Then it was stolen. Then it was recovered again.  I haven’t heard if he’s actually gone over the big milestone or not. If anyone knows, please post it here.  That is some serious dedication to driving right there.

January Mileage Wrap-Up

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Talk-back
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So, we’ve brought you quite a selection of high-mile vehicles since we first started this blog. Now I’d like to turn things over to you. In the comments, share your current odometer reading, your car, and your high-mile dreams. Also, is there anything specific you’d like to see here? Let me know.

I’ll start things off. I drive a 2013 Mazda Demio with skyactiv engine. My goal is to get that thing to at least 300, 000 kms. If I can do that, we’ll see about 500k.  I’m currently at 14,300km. It’s going to be a while.