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It’s not often that I write about Oldsmobiles. Today, however, I have an HMC exclusive about one. HMC reader William Schottel wrote in to let us know he has a 1998 Oldsmobile Model 88 with 400,001 Miles on the Odometer. He didn’t have a lot to say about the car other than its had no internal engine work and that he’s been using Penzoil High Mileage oil since he hit 125,000 miles. I’m assuming he’s still using the car toady. I’ve asked him if he’s like to share some photos of the car, or maybe a story or two. Hopefully I’ll hear back from him. Anyways, cheers to you William. Keep on driving.


The 4runner flood gates, they are now open. I’ve featured a number of 4runners with 300, 000+ miles here at HMC, and that list just keeps on getting longer and longer. Today, I’d like to talk about Carolyn Weaver and her 1986 Toyota 4runner.  She has owned her vehicle right from the first 50 miles and has driven it all over Europe.  She lived in Germany for six years and drove up and down the Autobahn from Austria to Switzerland and East Germany to Berlin after the wall fell.

Carolyn says she has blown out the head gasket twice and had a rod go once.  She has had the engine refurbished at 389, 000 miles and has suffered no accidents in the vehicle, and than the regular dings and scratches that befall us all. Today, she lives in Arizona, and continues to drive her 4runner. Well done, Carolyn. That is quite a history. I hope you and the 4runner will continue to drive well in the future. She has promised us a photo of her car, so I’m hoping we get one of it soon. Thanks again for sharing your story with us.