High Mile Futures – October Edition

Hi everyone! Another month is coming to a close, and that mean we have more high-mile prospects to look at. Many people are closing in on the magic 350,000 mile number, and that tells me that they are ready to make the climb to 500k. Let's see who's in the running this month! 1997 Honda Accord  –... Continue Reading →

High Mile Futures – September Edition

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the High Mile Futures feature of this blog. Every month we'll be looking at vehicles that have a lot of miles but just not enough to be featured on their own, yet(Fewer than 350,000 miles.) It's like looking at prospects for a pro team! I had to skip out on... Continue Reading →

High Mile Futures – July Edition

We are back with another exiting issue of High Mile Futures, where we feature cars that aren't quite at the legendary levels of 350K+ Miles, but well on their way. Shall we get started with this month's line-up? 2006 Toyota Matrix  – With 254,236 Miles – Sent by Lisa By Lisa: I bought my 2006 candy apple red... Continue Reading →

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