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kelly camryToday’s HMC exclusive comes to us courtesy of Kelly Hardy, and we’re going to be talking about her 1992 Toyota Camry. Kelly is a falconer and she uses her Camry for, um, falconing. Is that a word? Anyways, she takes the car off road a lot, and that equals wear and tear. It’s also the reason she calls it the Baja Camry.

She bought the car in 1996 with 85K miles already accumulated. She says the alternator was swapped at 350K and the engine is original. Other than the routine maintenance and the bird poop clean up, it’s a pleasure to drive.  Just before she contacted me, the Camry had to have a fuel pump replaced.

So what is her Camry sitting at? It’s currently registering 391085 miles. Not bad. Not bad at all. At this rate, she’ll hit 400000 soon. Hopefully she’ll share that milestone with us.  Thanks for telling us about your adventures with your Camry, and we hope the Baja Camry and a long and amazing life.


We are finally starting to see some high-mile stories come to light in 2015. For instance, take the story of Gunther Holtorf and his Mercedes Benz G WagenWhat started out as an eighteen month trip through Africa has transformed into a never-ending world tour. And the Wagen has gone along for the ride, accumulating over 500,000 miles on the way. Holtorf claims he’s never had a major breakdown and we’re inclined to believe him. It appears he is now finished his trip and that his Benz has a final mileage of 556,000 miles, with 155,000 miles being off-road. In a bitter sweet twist, he continued the journey even after the death of his wife to Cancer in 2010.  Sounds like an epic quest to me.  His Benz, which he nicknamed ‘otto’ will now be on display at the Mercedes Benz museum. What a trip. What a trip.

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve given you some high-mile news. Times have been slow in the high-mile world, but worry not.  Today I’m going to talk about Mike Neal and his 2008 Toyota Tacoma. He bought his truck in 2007 with 212 miles on it.  He is a courier, which explains the crazy high miles.

Mike points out that he shouldn’t be seen a role model for maintenance.  He says the engine and transmission are both original and that he changed the plugs for the first time at 704,491 miles. Yikes!   He also changed the transmission fluid for the first time at 486, 000 miles, and has never changed coolant. He only tops it up.  Mike uses Castrol 5/20 for his oil changes. Despite all this, he has driven ALL THE MILES in his Tacoma and it has never let him down.  A wonderful story of a truck coming through for their driver. Thanks for sharing with us Mike. Keep us updated on the Tacoma and send us some photos when you get a chance. Your truck has earned a place in our top fifty high-milers. Well done.