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Did anyone see this article yesterday on The Truth about Cars?  It was an enjoyable and important read about how owning an exotic sports car might end up costing you a fortune in repair in the long term, even if you bought it dirt cheap, and how privilege be can a big factor in deciding what kind of car a person owns, and the time they have to maintain such a car.  It’s no surprise to hear that fancy BMWs and Benz tend to drop in price quickly over the years, and that replacement parts for the rarest of the rare can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars.

But what caught my eye was that they were driving around a Lexus LS400 with almost 900,000 miles on it. That is insane.  Sure the man who takes care of it, Matt Farah,  keeps it in pristine condition, and I’m sure there is a lot of privilege involved in that, as mentioned in the article. Still, that is a lot of dedication. Despite all the small repairs, lasting that long is nothing short of miraculous and the owner deserves a lot of credit for keep it that way. There is a line between privilege and personal responsibility, and the key is find where that line is.

I think what the author forgets to mention is that while there is a ton privilege in this world, and we should know when we have it,  it should never be an excuse to remain ignorant either. I’ve learned a lot of about how to maintain a car, and that has saved me money. While it is foolish to assume a low or middle income earned should be buying and trusting twenty-year-old luxury car to get to work everyday, perhaps, the they can know a little bit more about the car they have and see if it’s something they can extend the life of. A little knowledge goes a long way.  Still, I understand the plight of many in this new world. With an eroding middle class, it’s hard to stay afloat in any way. If the right choice can end up screwing a person. And that ticks me off. But that’s for another article.

Anyways, I’m going to add Matt Farah to the list of top high-mile cars. It can’t not be on that list.  If anyone can find any other info about this car, I’d love to hear. I’m already starting my google search.

Update: We might have blogged about this car last year. Look at this article. Is it the same car? Looks like it. We know who bought it.


I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this blog here yet. Over at Drivetofive,  Tyson features his adventures with his 1994 Acura Legend  and its journey to 500,000 miles and beyond. What makes his blog so amazing are the stories he tells about every mile his cars take.  He might be the one person out there I know of that is giving live updates about his current mileage. This is something I think is awesome. I just wish the million-mile-Miata folks were doing that. Keep up the great work Tyson.  You have certainly made the Hall of Fame list.