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We are no strangers to 4runners here at the High Mile Club, so it was no surprise when I got a mail from Brenda Cannon, who shared her 4runner experience with us. She’s an active skier and dirt biker so she needed a vehicle with four wheel drive. She says she’s the second owner and has had it since 2003. She keeps it maintained and has had no issues.

Well done Brenda. Thanks for sharing your story with us.   Brenda, the email you sent me must have had a typo. I can’t get back to you. I’d love to get a photo of you and the 4runner, or even just the 4runner.


I don’t often talk about dealerships, but I like it when they feature the customers who took their cars to the limit. I want to mention Ray Price Honda today because they have a nice selection of high mileage vehicles on their club page. The stand out is the 2002 Honda Odyssey with 450,000 miles on it. There are also a few with 300,000+ miles and a number in the 200,000 mile club. All amazing achievements. I’m keeping my eye on that Odyssey. I have a feeling it might hit 500,000 miles in the next year or so.  Just a friendly reminder that getting a car this far is no easy task. regular maintenance, a good build and luck are all factors in this story.