My name is Jason Hill. I am an English teacher and photographer in the northern Japanese prefecture of Iwate.

I  love stories about people and their cars. Especially those who have kept them a long time.  I was inspired by the amazing Irv Gordon. I just bought my first new car this year, a 2013 Mazda Demio(Mazda2.)  I’m hoping that with great care and patience, I can also join the ranks of those who have half-a-million miles on their car.  If you know someone with a high mileage vehicle, please let me know. I’d like to share their story.

I am not going to vet these stories too much. I am just going to run them. If one turns out to be false, I will delete it. I am not here to attack anyone on their word, just to celebrate folks and their awesome cars.

If you have a High mile story to share, you contact us here! I’m looking for stories about vehicles that have accumulated at least 350000 miles. For those in metric countries, I’ll talk about any vehicle with at least 400000 kms on it.

You can also find me on twitter at @jasohill. It’s not specifically for the High Mile Club, but that is where you can reach out to me.

Note: I just want to mention that I try to get back to everyone who emails me. The problem I’m having is that sometimes, my replies never get to you. It’s like spam filters block my messages before they ever get to you box. Anyway, if you don’t hear from me for a while, please comment here on the site in the about section, and I will try another way to get ahold of you. Really sorry about that.

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  1. I have a 2005 Camry and as of this morning arriving to work at 6:30 AM as I park and about to turn off my engine I glance at my odometer and it reads 494,400. I am probably about 1-2 months from hitting the 500,000 mile mark.

  2. I have an 1987 Toyota pickup it has just under 400,000 miles on it. We bought it three year ago for $200 just needed something to get around for a min. I love this little truck it just keeps going. I can’t find certain parts for it but she still runs and drives great. It’s towed my 2006 Grand Prix home a few times.

  3. Hi Jason. Love your blog. Perhaps you or your readers can share some advice. My budget limits me to buying a car with over 100k miles on it. I’m looking for a Toyota/Lexus SUV AWD from a state that doesn’t use road salt. Naturally I’d love to find one with a stellar maintenance history-that’s documented. Any other advice?

    1. Hi Denis. I think you are on the right track. I can’t say I am much of car expert. I really only like high-mile vehicles, and blog about them, but I’m learning. The only other advice I can give is to make sure you buy a car that was fairly common and sold well. That way you can obtain cheap parts for it. For example, a Toyota/Lexus SUV would probably fit the bill there(an exotic Italian SUV would probably not.) Also, if you can get the engine and transmission looked at before you buy. Have each cylinder checked with an engine compression test to make sure they are still firing at full power. Also, that there isn’t oil leaking or burning. A bad engine is a bad way to welcome a ‘new’ used car. I’d also recommend getting the hoses and belts replaced(especially timing belt and water pump.) I agree that getting a car with well-documented history of maintenance is a good way to go. Also, never be afraid to walk away from a potential sale if you don’t feel right about it. It’s your money after all. Hope that helps!

  4. I feel like my car, a ’97 Accord won’t qualify for a few years having only 240,000 miles on it. However it is testimony to the fact that cars can go on and on with minimal maintenance. Finally got the a. c. fixed after a couple summers without it in Texas! Still a lot of fun to drive!

  5. Im about to head off on a long road trip across Australia and was considering exchanging my 96 Camry station wagon (with 409,000kms on its original engine) for something with less numbers. I have just found your blog and have this huge grin on my face and a whole new idea occurs to me 🙂
    Maybe I’ll keep it.

  6. Hi guy’s, I don’t know if I qualify for anything. But my everyday driver is a 1990 LS400, with 240,000 on it. I have owned it since 2003.

    Thank you,

  7. Today is “that day” – when the estimated cost (over $3K) of replacing worn out mechanical parts on a 17 year old car matches the car’s value. If I didn’t L-O-V-E my 1999 Toyota Solara SLE, it might have been a hard decision. When I bought this used car in 2002, I didn’t expect to fall in love with it. It’s been a wonderful problem-free car. I like its weight, speed, quietness, and design. Because I work from home, annual mileage is low. It may take another 8 years to hit 200K miles. The mechanic says my car was engineered for 500K miles. I’m 70 years old with 5 replaced body parts. With today’s transplants, my Solara may outlive me. I’m looking forward to growing old(er) with my Solara. Worth every penny I’m spending today.

  8. Well I was told by a number of people back in March 2016 after being hit by another driver,not to bother having my 2002 Buick century fixed because it would cost more to fix than it was worth.the drivers side front wheel suspension ,drivers side front fender and door was severely damaged.I decided to search around for used parts and was able to have the repairs done for $1100.00. Now as of August 2016 it has registered over 300,000 miles. It was and still is worth it.

  9. I have a 1999 Silverado 1500 that currently has 477,000 miles. Still has the original engin but I had to swap out the trasmission around 420 mi. It’s my everyday driver still running strong.

  10. My 1995 Geo Prizm just turned over 300,000 on the corner of Dinah Shore and Portola in Palm Desert, Ca. 2:31 pm!! I was doing the car seat dance.
    Runs excellent and A/C is cold! I’m thinking a new battery is due. Saw the lite come on twice for just a few seconds. Will see..

  11. I have a 1999 Toyota Avalon that I got from my dad at 31000 miles. I got as a high school senior and now I’m a junior in college and it just passed 400500 miles. It still has original engine, paint and other accessories. It is still my daily commute

  12. I left a message for the Hall of Fame. I bought my 1992 Civic VX brand new and it now has 517,700 on it. Still a daily driver. Get me in the Hall of Fame! Thank you for doing this! Kenneth

    1. Hi Kenneth. Could you send me a mail about your car? I’d like to do a blog post about it. If you have any stories to share, please send those along, too. Thanks.

  13. I have a 2008 Honda Fit with over 400,000 kilometers on it, and my daughter is still driving it. In fact, it still has the original muffler, and has been great in terms of repairs. I just bought myself a used 2014 Honda Fit, and hope to drive it for a long, long time too!!!!

  14. My 2002 Avalon with original engine and original transmission is it 557,000. Being a golf course architect I drive up and down the north eastern coast of the USA my clients range from Maryland up to Boston and up to Syracuse. I live in South New Jersey near Atlantic City

    1. I have a 1992 Civic VX hatchback that I bought brand new and it now has 525,840 miles on it. Still looks great, 1 repaint and one engine rebuild. All original car, it is my daily driver.

  15. Hey Jason, I have a 2002 Toyota 4runner that just crossed 250,000 miles. Its my daily driver and runs like a champ, I love it. Keep up with the maintenance and post your milestones, see you in a few hundred thousand miles.

  16. I have two 2006 Hyundai Sonatas (V6) – one with 455,000 miles, the other just turned 300,000. Only thing I’ve done is ‘regular maintenance’ – with the exception of replacing the alternator on the higher milage car.

  17. Hi im the second owner of the VW vento (Jetta mk3 for US guys here) I own car for 5 years now and it has over 600 000kms last cam belt change from previous owner was made at 580 xxx but with no date at the sticker so I change it at the moment when I bough it and now it has over 600 000K we made bunch of Wörthersee trips and we was on lot of meetings over Europe. It was family car for almost 18years so I have fun history being form from VW and leasing group, all the “welcome to your new car” prospects etc etc. Hope I can enjoy this car at leas for next 18 years 🙂

  18. Jason, I sent you a message couple weeks ago about my 1991 chevy cavalier that has 262,000 miles on it but never heard anything from you

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