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High-Mile Prisuses

Posted: July 30, 2014 in 300000+
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For you consideration: This thread over at Priuschat is quite interesting. There is a Prius owner named ‘2 fas 4 U’ who has taken a Prius and a Prius V over 300,000 miles over the last few years. If anything, it proves that Prii are built like fuel-efficient rocks. There are many interesting stories of Prius V owners and their high-mile babies. Also, check out this thread for the standard Prius stories. People loves the Toyotas, that much is certain.


I have a small addiction with browsing car forums. I like to read about people and their amazing cars. I’ve been  all over, from the Prius forums to the Mini boards.  In fact, it’s my forum reading that really got me into high-mile cars. Well, now and then it tends to pay off, and today I have the story of a FJ cruiser user HiTTman and his 2008 FJ cruiser that has now hit 300,000miles.  You can see the thread here. I’m going to try to get a hold of HiTTman and see if I can get more of a scoop from them.



Today’s Youtube pick is a Toyota Previa with 400k on the clock. Not much to the video other than an odometer shot, but there you have it. Another amazing milestone. Just another example that, yes, cars can drive some amazing distances.

It’s funny what you can find when you aren’t even looking. I was perusing Drivetofive the other day and lo and behold, Tyson posted a blurb about a 1995 Toyota T100 that has done 1,000,000 miles of driving. Now for Tyson that might not be a big deal, and I’m just thinking he forgot to pass on this little tidbid…;), but here at HMC that is first page news. Holy cow! It’s not everyday any car goes over 500,000 miles, let alone a million.  You can find the full story here(Link is now dead.).  For those who just want the basics, Nancy Richardson is the owner of the truck and she spent her time driving 800 miles a week delivering seafood to restaurants. In what is first for high-mile owner, we have a vehicle with a nickname. She called her truck Clyde after a Clydesdale horse. Sadly, she’s retiring the truck.  I’m not getting much more on the story other than from Fox, but it seems to be all the info you really need. Well done Nancy. If you have any more to share about Clyde, feel free to drop us a line.

Update: A kind reader name KC emailed me a new link to info on the story. It appears there aren’t many left, so I will attempt to save the important info on this important high-mile story. For now here is the updated story.

 Here is some updated info in case this remains the only link left on the Internet . I have paraphrased as much as I can.

Nancy, at the time of the article was 62 and her truck was a 1995 Toyota T100. Nancy lives in Jasper. For more than 20 years, Nancy has delivered fish to high-end restaurants and country clubs in Evansville, Owensboro, Henderson, Fort Branch and Princeton. She would  log more than 1,600 miles a week.   She used to deliver fish in a 1985 minivan. That wasn’t the best solution. There was 100 miles on the Odometer from the time of purchase. After it hit a million miles, the Odometer zeroed out.

She doesn’t wash Clyde very often and she only remembers waxing the truck once. However, she is very seriously about routine maintenance. Over the years, Nancy has had Clyde’s radiator, transmission, heater blower motor, gas tank and  its fuel pump replaced. The internal engine components are all original. Its power-train consists of a four-cyclinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission. The two-wheel-drive truck cost $1 2,900 new.

Credit to Bill Powell at the Dubois County Herald for this information. 


I got a scoop yesterday from HMC reader Mark, who  happens to be the happy owner of a 2012 Chevy Volt. Mark, we salute you for blazing new trails in the risky world of green driving. That is Mark below there with his Volt, Oppy. He runs an organization called ‘Drive Electric Cars New EnOppy&MarkRenburke_2012gland’ They are trying to spread the good word about electric vehicles.  Mark had some interesting news to share with me about another famous Volt he knows of.

Mark told me about Volt owner, Erick Belmer(Above photo) who has over 166114 miles on his 2012 Volt after only two years of driving. Not only that, but he reports getting the same range and performance as the day he bought it. I don’t know about you, but that says a lot of interesting and positive things about the Volt. I’m placing the data here for you to browse over.  He has a massive commute and needs a full charge twice a day. Thanks to Erick we are going to find out pretty quickly how long those batteries last.  A big thanks to Mark Renburke for passing this along.  Here is another article about the high-mile volt.  Big kudos to both Erick and Mark for taking bold steps in drivings these new Volts. I can imagine a time when we’ll see more high-mile electric vehicles on the top ten of the Hall of Fame.