High-Mile Prisuses

For you consideration: This thread over at Priuschat is quite interesting. There is a Prius owner named '2 fas 4 U' who has taken a Prius and a Prius V over 300,000 miles over the last few years. If anything, it proves that Prii are built like fuel-efficient rocks. There are many interesting stories of Prius V... Continue Reading →

2008 FJ Cruiser Owner Hits the Big 300K

I have a small addiction with browsing car forums. I like to read about people and their amazing cars. I've been  all over, from the Prius forums to the Mini boards.  In fact, it's my forum reading that really got me into high-mile cars. Well, now and then it tends to pay off, and today I... Continue Reading →

High-Mile Chevy Volt from 2012

I got a scoop yesterday from HMC reader Mark, who  happens to be the happy owner of a 2012 Chevy Volt. Mark, we salute you for blazing new trails in the risky world of green driving. That is Mark below there with his Volt, Oppy. He runs an organization called 'Drive Electric Cars New England' They are trying to... Continue Reading →

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