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For those who wonder what exactly happens to an engine that has over 250,000 miles on it, David Tracy over at Jalopnik has a great video overview of his 1992 Jeep Cherokee XJ’s engine. Three of the engine mount bolts that kept his engine mount to the car broke off and caused the motor to do a little dance in the engine bay. He pulled the engine out to get to the bolts, but ended up taking it apart just to see what condition it was in. Turns out Jeep makes great engine that lasts a long time. Head on over to read the article and check out the video.


Earlier last month I posted about an amazing Camry. Well, now I have another Camry to talk about. This time, with Robert and Alicia Lawrence at Banah de Cristo Ministries. They tell me they drive some of the hottest, roughest roads in between the Mohave Desert in Calif and Phoenix, and the Sonoran Desert in Mexico.  Their 2002 four cylinder Camry LE takes all this abuse and says, “More, please.” The car is currently sitting at 334,000 miles and I’m told it will be driven until it costs over a thousand big ones to get it back on the road. They had the engine rebuilt at 250k miles but the mechanic told them, and I am quoting a less offensive version here “Only a fool would rebuild a motor this perfect.”  Apparently only the gaskets and seals were replaced. No reboring required. Not too shabby at all. There has also been some other work done on the car. They had the shocks and struts replaced, and are getting the transmission ready for a rebuild as well. They say the car looks like an 87 Toyota because of the harsh conditions and severe dust storms. I’m hoping I can get a photo of the Camry. Robert claims they have never had to pay more than 250 dollars for work, but I would have assumed the shocks and struts cost more than that. I think they are speaking of regular maintenance and not one-off repairs. Either way, it’s an amazing feat to have a Camry survive those conditions that long. I hope Robert and Alicia update us about their Camry. I have a good feeling they could do 500,000+ miles in this car.

Update: February 3 – 2017

The Camry had a used Toyota motor installed due to water draining out the heating core. The new motor already has 100K on it, and they added another 70K to put their total up to 370000 Miles. The Camry still has the original transmission. So their new total mileage is 370000 miles.