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I’m going to try my hand at a new section here. I’d like to call it “Will it go the distance?”  The idea of this column will be to ask the readers out there if a certain car will be able to handle going 500,000 miles or even a million miles.

Today’s request comes from HMC reader Shaubhik. He wants to know if he 2008 Honda civic is capable of doing the mileage we see here on the site. First I’ll give a history on the car.  When it got to 200,000 miles it began to overheat. It appears that his model of civic was covered under a recall, so Shaubik had the engine block (lower half) replaced under the recall. He also had the cylinder heads, a head gasket set, and a new timing chain/guides/tensioner installed. In essence, it was an engine rebuild.

Shaubhhik wants to know if he can do 500,000 miles in this Civic. He has become quite attached to the car. In my opinion, it should be possible, but I’d like to pass this along to you out there. What do you think? Will the car go the distance? Use the comments below to give your opinion.


I got an email a few weeks back from Alice Mannion’s daughter.  You may remember her from this article.  She wanted to update me on the status of Alice’s Beetle. I’m happy to report that she is still driving it and it’s now at 539, 000+ miles. An amazing achievement for a new generation beetle if you ask me.  Alice’s beetle still has the original engine and transmission. It’s a 2L engine with manual transmission.

Alice now has a place in the Hall of Fame.  Alice, I hope you keep on adding up the miles. Yours is an achievement few can lay claim to. Well done.