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Earlier this year, I had a story on Carol Marini and her 800, 000+ mile mustang. Well, I have some new info about her. She contacted me and gave us an update on her situation. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to secure the funding to attend the pony ride down to Las Vegas this year. That’s a real shame. She even appealed to Ford for sponsorship, but it fell on deaf ears.  If you ask me, Carol is a living advertisement for the dependability of the Ford brand. I’m really surprised that they couldn’t help her out. Business politics I suppose.

Anyways, Carol was kind enough to send us some photos to post here, and she let us know her Mustang is now at 824, 000 miles.  She is planning an independent trip to Las Vegas to celebrate, and is currently looking into sponsorship options. I offered Pay Pal and Gofundme as possibilities, but if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

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You may remember I blogged a little while back about the guy on reddit with the 500k+ mile Corvette. Well, I couldn’t get any more information on him, but I did find this youtube video that talks about the car before it went over the mark. I just can’t be a hundred percent sure they are talking about the same car. I would assume they are. I mean, how many 1965  Corvette stingrays are there with over 450,000 mile on them?  Seriously. This has to be the one.

Now, let me tell you, it’s impossible to verify every claim of mileage out there. A lot of these stories come from forums  and websites where hearsay is the word of the hour. Despite this, I still like to hear about these people and their cars.  Shirley Fender and her 1989 Mustang GT  went the distance,  and she posted about here on Ford Social to share her achievement.  I’m willing to take people at their word, and so I’ll salute you Shirley, I if you find us here at High Mile Club, let us know if the Mustang is still out there on the road. BTW, let us know if a dealer or company actually gave you something for showing off your high mile car. It would be interesting to see how often this happens.

Update: I dug up this article about her, and it seems like she was aiming for a million miles on the original engine. Is also appears her story is quite legit.  I wonder how close she is to that goal. Shirley, if you are out there, check in with us and tell us how your car is doing.

Here is another great story to ring in 2014 with. A man in his 60’s uses a C2 corvette stingray as a daily driver. It has now amassed over 500k miles. You can find the story here. Thanks Carbuzz, for the great story.

Note:  I am not going to vet these stories. I am just going to run them. If one turns out to be false, I will delete it. I am not here to attack anyone on their word, just to celebrate folks and their awesome cars.