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We have a great story to pass along today. It comes to us from HMC reader Jason Cote and you can fine it over and Road and Track. 

This is a story we can label under exotic high-milers. Bill MacEachern has been driving his 1976 Porsche 911 Turbo since he bought it new. He now has 725, 000 miles on it. Not only this, but he lives in Canada, where Canadian weather does really bad things to cars. Well, at least the road salts and extreme temperatures. The turbo is hardly in mint condition, but it really shows how well Porsche builds their cars. Follow the link for a great video on Bill and MacEachern. Bill’s

This gets instant placement in the hall of fame. Great driving Bill. We hope you and your Porsche take it all the way to one-million!




Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve given you some high-mile news. Times have been slow in the high-mile world, but worry not.  Today I’m going to talk about Mike Neal and his 2008 Toyota Tacoma. He bought his truck in 2007 with 212 miles on it.  He is a courier, which explains the crazy high miles.

Mike points out that he shouldn’t be seen a role model for maintenance.  He says the engine and transmission are both original and that he changed the plugs for the first time at 704,491 miles. Yikes!   He also changed the transmission fluid for the first time at 486, 000 miles, and has never changed coolant. He only tops it up.  Mike uses Castrol 5/20 for his oil changes. Despite all this, he has driven ALL THE MILES in his Tacoma and it has never let him down.  A wonderful story of a truck coming through for their driver. Thanks for sharing with us Mike. Keep us updated on the Tacoma and send us some photos when you get a chance. Your truck has earned a place in our top fifty high-milers. Well done.

photo 2 (1)I got an email recently from Ann, who wanted to share the story of a truck her late father-in-law used to drive.  Fred was a World War II vet who recently passed away at the age of 93. He owned a 2002 Chevy Avalanche and he drove it everywhere. Long trips from Maryland to Georgia were nothing for him. Ann said they were like a short Sunday drive for him.  In fact, he made that same trip just two days before he passed away.  Despite knowing about his long drives, Ann was still shocked when she checked the odometer: the truck had 703, 605 miles on it. Which is an incredible amount of mileage for any vehicle.

Ann gave me a little background about her father-in-law.  He saw  some of the worst fighting during the war. He had two ships shot out from under him and survived. He became so sick of eating fruit and fish from his tour on Pacific Islands he never ate them 1

Ann told also told me about Fred’s relationship to his truck. He had surgery on his knee when he was 89 and wasn’t allow to drive during the rehabilitation period. He used to sit in his truck, and when Ann pressed him about why, he said he just felt at home there. He also used to make long trips out to visit family in the truck and never thought twice about it. Making time for family was always on his mind.

Apparently, other than oil changes, Fred never made did any other routine maintenance on the vehicle. It still has its original engine, spark plugs and wires. Ann and her husband are currently in the process of getting the truck inspected and clear for emissions. It will be a $3000 re-haul and they don’t know how long the engine will last, but they say it’s an emotional journey for them, and they want to try to keep the truck going as long as possible.  They once tried to put it up for sale, but the form wouldn’t let them enter the mileage. It kept telling them to put in a valid odometer reading.  With so much history in this truck it makes sense to keep it going.  To keep his spirit alive with the truck. Whatever they decide, I am very happy to hear this story from Ann. I wish you and your husband the best.


Photo of Robert, the Suburban and his Grandson

A few weeks ago, I posted a quick Youtube blurb about a man who put over 700,000 Miles on his Chevy Suburban. You can see the video again below. Well, I had to know more, so I contacted the owner and he was happy to talk about his vehicle with us.

Robert Ralummus purchased a new Chevy Suburban 1500 2WD in 2000. It was used mainly for commuting for work(220 miles round trip),  but it also got used for family activities and family trips. Robert has seven kids, so you can imagine how those local trips would start to add up. He added that the car has been driven extensively on  I-16 and I-95 and has been to New Orleans twice for relief trips for hurricane Katrina.

As for repairs, Robert says the transmission has been replaced once at 300,000 miles, and that is the most major repair he can think of. Other than regular maintenance fuels pumped and the like,  the engine has been tuned up three times, and he says it gets around 17-18 mpg.  He also changes the oil and lube every 5000 miles like clockwork.  It has been involved in a small accident and has killed a number of deer, but that is not surprising with a car that has this many miles.

Robert has been thinking of buying a new car, but he can’t justify it with he current one working so well. We at HMC hope he continues to drive it as well. This milestone is amazing and I can’t imagine there are too many other suburbans out there with that kind of history. Well done, Robert. Well done. We are adding you to the Hall of fame.

These 700,000 mile SUVs and trucks are starting to pop out of the woodwork. It’s amazing. I need to start getting info from these people. They belong on the Hall of Fame. Today’s youtube find is a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 2WD with a whole lot of miles on it. I’m trying to get a hold of the owner so I get a scoop on this truck. Seven hundred big ones is pretty amazing. On the description of the video, he says that despite the check engine light, everything is good, and he’s still rocking the original engine. Sweet.

Whoa! This just came across my digital desk tonight. This forum, that specializes in Duramax Diesels, has a user named 86burgandyss who says his truck is now over 700,000 miles. He also claims he is aiming for a million. I’m tempted just to sign up to those forums just so I can interview him. We all know diesel trucks go the distance, but this is still quite the accomplishment. He states in signature that the car has had some major work done. But still, looks like all the drivetrain is good to go. Rodger, if you see this post, let us know about your truck. We want to know badly!

Now, let me tell you, it’s impossible to verify every claim of mileage out there. A lot of these stories come from forums  and websites where hearsay is the word of the hour. Despite this, I still like to hear about these people and their cars.  Shirley Fender and her 1989 Mustang GT  went the distance,  and she posted about here on Ford Social to share her achievement.  I’m willing to take people at their word, and so I’ll salute you Shirley, I if you find us here at High Mile Club, let us know if the Mustang is still out there on the road. BTW, let us know if a dealer or company actually gave you something for showing off your high mile car. It would be interesting to see how often this happens.

Update: I dug up this article about her, and it seems like she was aiming for a million miles on the original engine. Is also appears her story is quite legit.  I wonder how close she is to that goal. Shirley, if you are out there, check in with us and tell us how your car is doing.