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These 4Runner articles must be getting out there because I an getting inundated with mails from people telling me about their high-mileage cars. Today’s amazing 4runner story comes from Terina in Maryland. She bought a 1999 Toyota 4runner Limited new. She was even working at a Toyota dealership at the time. She tells me that she does oil changes every 8000 – 11,000 miles and that she’s had to have the transmission rebuilt once, but the engine is still going strong.  Her current mileage stands at 485, 692 miles. I’m late getting this up to the blog, and I want to apologize to Terina for that. I’m hoping I can get her to share a few photos of her and her 4runner with us. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

You know, I have so many 4runner stories here now, I might have to create a separate section just for them. It’s clear that there is a trend in longevity in these cars. If I were a betting man and you asked me if your 4runner would go the distance, I would say yeah. It will go all the way.

Update: Terina has let me know that she is now at 487, 300 miles on the 4runner. Nice! Also, great looking 4runner, Terina!