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I just want to warn you about this story. It’s not new. In fact, it goes back about eight years. But that does nothing to diminish the notability of Peter Gilbert and his 1989 million-mile Saab. He treated himself to a new sports car and drove it for the next seventeen years. He even smacked a deer with the car. That didn’t stop him. He replaced the transmission at 200k, but most of the parts are factory original. Which is amazing. In fact, the engine wasn’t even rebuilt. It did have some severe rust damage over the year, and eventually he donated it to a museum for display. He was hoping to get a new car from SAAB, but ended up getting jack. It’s not every day that someone becomes a driving advertisement for your car company. I feel GM could have done more for him.  That changes nothing about how amazing his achievement is. Hats off to you, Mr. Gilbert.

Update: According to High Mile Club reader Paolo, Peter did get a new Saab from GM. In 2007 he got a 9-5 Sportcombi. How ’bout them apples. That’s good to hear.


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I don’t like to talk about myself here. I’d rather the stories of the car owners and their wonderful vehicles shine through. However,  I did want mention that I recently crossed a small milestone on my new car and thought it would be a great way to get people talking about their own cars. So I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.  For those not in the world of the metric, 16093.44 km is equivalent to 10, 000 miles. A fairly significant milestone, I’d say.

I have a few more of those high-mile Subarus to cover, so let’s get to it. Perter Carbee bought his Subaru used with 145, 000 miles on the odometer and then drove it to the moon and back. Well, at least that is what it seems like. It hasn’t been a trouble free journey for him and his Legacy. The transmission has been replaced a number of times, and he had a pulley go from the timing belt. Despite all this he’s kept it going. He says he drives it less than he has in the past, but it’s still an incredible achievement. Peter, if you see this article, let us know how your car is getting on.

Here’s an interesting, albeit older story from The author, Ian Law, bought a 1982 Volvo GLT, and used it as a regular car for two years. Then he started to race it in autoslalom races and won a number of them with his car. In fact, over the 30 years he’s owned it, the Volvo has seen its share of races. It’s had engine repairs, but most of the drive-train is largely intact.  As you may know, racing is never kind on a car. Especially slalom racing. They always say you need to baby your car to get that odometer up, but I think Ian Law is proof that even race cars can have long, long life. Well done.

Update: Here is an article from Rust Check about Ian and his tips for keeping your ride going as long as possible. It’s a good read, but it does have a bias towards rust check.

Why have I not blogged about Carol Marini yet? I read about her and her Hardtop V-8 Mustang about six months ago, and yet I still haven’t put her in the hall of fame. Well, I’m about to fix that right now. Carol bought her Mustang way back in 1968, and let me tell you, the two of them have been through some tough times together. The car has had almost everything replaced or rebuilt, and even survived an engine fire.  And Carol has been through a divorce and a world of financial pain, even getting caught up in a ponzi scheme and almost being homeless. But she stuck with her car the entire time, and somehow, her car stuck with her, and that is what we are all about here. Celebrating those relationships. Carol, I really hope things are going better for you these days. How is the car holding up?

Update: Carol is going to be taking her car on a trek on the Pony Ride in April to help celebrate the Mustang’s 50th Anniversary. If you are intersted in helping sponsor her journey, you can contact her at:

I found this story a couple of weeks ago but promptly forgot about it. It won’t make the hall of fame, but it’s notable none the less. Buckeye Honda and Toyota are reporting on a customer of theirs who has driven his 1995 Honda Civic 400,000 miles. That is not bad at all.  He is apparently buying a new 2013 civic and most likely is putting the older car out to pasture.   There are some photos of the new and old car on the site, and I must say, he’s kept his old car looking nice. There is no info about whether or not he’s selling it, but if it comes our way, we’ll let you know. Well done, Steve Dupler.

Here’s a story from Ford’s social webpage in regards to a first responder truck that put in some serious time on the roads in Minnesota. The MDT says they haven’t had any major mechanical issues with the 2007 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck either. Sounds like a real work horse here.  It’s also a rare V10 variety from the F-250 series. I don’t usually like to dwell too much on fleet vehicles, as they are known to have multiple drivers and are owned by a division or company, but it’s nice to see what some of their vehicles are capable of when put to the test.  They retired the truck shortly after they hit the milestone. Who knows, maybe they’ll sell it to someone who can continue to add up the miles.

Note: I won’t be adding fleet vehicles to my Hall of Fame. My reason for this is that they usually have more than one driver and a division that monitors all repairs. I like seeing individual drivers in the hall of fame. If we do start to get more fleet vehicles, I might open up a fleet list. We’ll see how that goes.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I went skiing with some friends, and my legs are pretty battered this morning. I probably should have gone out for a half-day of skiing before that trip. Live and learn. Anyway, on with the high-mile Subarus. We are still plunging into that webpage that had a treasure trove of high-mile cars.  Mike Chase and his wife purchased a 1981 Subaru DL in 1981 and have been driving it like mad ever since. Unlike many of the cars here, he’s had to replace many parts. The engine, however, is still original. Seems to get good mileage as well. That’s good to hear. If you find us here, Mike, let us know if you still use the car.

We still have a lot of Subarus to cover, so I think we’ll take a break tomorrow and pick it up again on Wednesday. Tomorrow, I’ll try and cover something that isn’t a Subaru.

So, let’s take a crack at those Subarus. First up we have a 2000 Impreza with 547,000 on the clock. Not too shabby at all. Owner Mike Metzler has been using it for medical deliveries and it has seen its share of deer smacking and fender benders. Still, he says it’s never stopped going when he’s needed it the most. That is enough miles to put him in our hall of fame. Well done Mike. If you see this post, let us know how your car is doing.  You can find his post about his car up at the gallery section of this page. It’s not really organized well, so I’m hoping to make some sense out of all these high-mile wonders.  If you follow my tagging, everything will be okay.

Oh boy, Here come the Subarus

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       I found this secret cache of high-mile subarus on the net. Well, it’s not so secret. I plan to talk about a few of these cars in the next few weeks. It will be nice to get away from trucks for a while. I used to own a Subaru Impreza, so this is personal for me.

  Also, seeing as how I live in Japan, I need to remind you all that Subaru is Japanese for the Pleiades. It’s in their logo, folks.