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This blog is quickly turning into the High-Mile-Camry-Club. I could resist it, but instead I choose to embrace our new Camry overlords. I’ve been getting at least one new high-mile Camry email a week for the past month, and now I’ve gotten an amazing mail from a previous HMC Exclusive who tells me her car has hit tCamry 500000he 500,000 Mile mark. Rosicella Flores is her name, and high-mile driving is her game.

Rosicella tells me that as of 6:15 AM on August 28, 2015, her Camry crossed over the half-million-mile mark. She has included a photo as proof of this. Rosicella let me know she got a response back from Toyota Japan and the Torrence CA Toyota branch and they sent her a leather keychain and a coffee mug. I suppose it’s not super great, but it also could have been nothing at all.

Alas, Rosicella also shared with me that in July a Ford 250 smacked her Camry on the freeway when the driver of said truck misjudged a lane change.  This milestone was almost not to be. Thankfully for all involved, there weren’t any injuries, but there was damage, and Rosie was worried insurance wasn’t going to cover the $2700 repair cost; declaring it a write-off (what we usually hope for but in this case would effectively end her drive for 500k.) However, in the end they came through and the repairs were done. Rosicella, you have earned your ticket in our hall-of-fame. I haven’t asked Rosie if she is considering a milion miles for her Camry, but I bet she’s thinking about it.

Later in the week, I will talk about Terina, another HMC exclusive who took her Toyota to 500,000 miles, and beyond. The high-milers are taking over and I documenting all of it!


I believe Confucius once said, “He who blogs about high-mile Camrys is doomed to climb the mountain of high-mile Camrys.” At least that is how I remember it going. In others words, once we get this Camry party started, there ain’t no stopping it.


To prove my point, I give you Ken Oliver and his 1990 Camry. This model a 2.0 4 cylinder with manual 5 speed transmission. He is the third owner of the car and it’s now at 394,322 miles.


Ken tells me he has only ever replaced a few sensors and the fuel filter, though it does appear that the transmission is starting to get a little cranky and not shift into 5th gear. I hate it when they do that.  It also sounds like a new wheel bearing is in the cards. Still, he uses Castro10W30 every three months and likes to tinker with cars as a hobby.  He says he wants to take it to 500,000miles, and beyond! Ken, keep rocking the Camry! Rock it hard. We are cheering you on. And if Toyota sees this, Ken would really like a new paint job.