HMC Exclusive: The Story behind the 700,000-Mile Suburban

Photo of Robert, the Suburban and his Grandson

A few weeks ago, I posted a quick Youtube blurb about a man who put over 700,000 Miles on his Chevy Suburban. You can see the video again below. Well, I had to know more, so I contacted the owner and he was happy to talk about his vehicle with us.

Robert Ralummus purchased a new Chevy Suburban 1500 2WD in 2000. It was used mainly for commuting for work(220 miles round trip),  but it also got used for family activities and family trips. Robert has seven kids, so you can imagine how those local trips would start to add up. He added that the car has been driven extensively on  I-16 and I-95 and has been to New Orleans twice for relief trips for hurricane Katrina.

As for repairs, Robert says the transmission has been replaced once at 300,000 miles, and that is the most major repair he can think of. Other than regular maintenance fuels pumped and the like,  the engine has been tuned up three times, and he says it gets around 17-18 mpg.  He also changes the oil and lube every 5000 miles like clockwork.  It has been involved in a small accident and has killed a number of deer, but that is not surprising with a car that has this many miles.

Robert has been thinking of buying a new car, but he can’t justify it with he current one working so well. We at HMC hope he continues to drive it as well. This milestone is amazing and I can’t imagine there are too many other suburbans out there with that kind of history. Well done, Robert. Well done. We are adding you to the Hall of fame.

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  1. i am impressed with everyone’s high count of mileage on their vehicles especially the suburban i have a 99 suburban that i got at a auction for 500.00. i put about $570.00 in parts on it since i got it 2years ago and as it is right now it has 1,291,444 miles on it.

  2. I just purchased a 2001 suburban that looks and drives excellent. I thought it had 220,000 miles when my dad asked but frankly I never really gave it much thought because I assumed that to be low mileage for a suburban. So, when I went to pick it up $2200.00 cash in hand, my only question of the owner was if it had 4WD, yes, and I was shown which button to push to engage the 4WD. I was thrilled and drove off to get it smogged for the title transfer. Passed smog no problem. It wasn’t until I was filling out DMV paperwork that I saw the actual miles listed by the seller and I verified it by looking at the odometer myself which read 278,623 and I don’t think I have anything to worry about except I can’t find much information about the expected maintenance schedule for suburban with more than 150,000 miles and my suburban has almost twice the certified dealers listed miles at which point I guess you’re on your own and you start over again for another 150,000 miles which is 300,000 and start over again for another 150,000 until it just cost too much to drive, but I bet it will drive for a long long time. Am I fantasizing or did I buy an overhaul waiting to happen at any time?

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