Ray Price Honda High Mileage Club

I don’t often talk about dealerships, but I like it when they feature the customers who took their cars to the limit. I want to mention Ray Price Honda today because they have a nice selection of high mileage vehicles on their club page. The stand out is the 2002 Honda Odyssey with 450,000 miles on it. There are also a few with 300,000+ miles and a number in the 200,000 mile club. All amazing achievements. I’m keeping my eye on that Odyssey. I have a feeling it might hit 500,000 miles in the next year or so.  Just a friendly reminder that getting a car this far is no easy task. regular maintenance, a good build and luck are all factors in this story.


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  1. I wonder about Stuart & Jordan Frazier’s 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid that is on their high mileage page. 326,000 Miles seems like quite a lot for a hybrid, have you seen many others with this kind of distance on the clock?

    1. I have seen two Toyota Prii with that kind of mileage, but never a Hybrid Honda. However, it doesn’t seem impossible. The hybrid batteries should be able to handle the driving. I might look into it a little more and see if I can get more info.

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