High Mile Futures – September Edition

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the High Mile Futures feature of this blog. Every month we’ll be looking at vehicles that have a lot of miles but just not enough to be featured on their own, yet(Fewer than 350,000 miles.) It’s like looking at prospects for a pro team! I had to skip out on August because of a jaunt around North America, but no worries. We’re back, and we have a ton of cars to talk about. Let’s jump in.


2003 Mazda Protege LX – With 340,000 Miles – Sent by Kyle


From Kyle: I Bought this car after graduating college, June 2010. It was owned by an elderly couple, and had always been garage kept. It had 105k miles then and I paid $3,700 for it used. I commute 100 miles daily and am extremely happy with the performance of this car. Largest repair I have had to do was a front wheel bearing. I use conventional oil and change it every 5k miles. Everything is original except the normal wear item (tires, brakes, etc.)


2007 Honda Accord SE – With 250,000 Miles – Sent by Thiane


From Thiane: Trying hard to get to 300k!


2004 Toyota Sienna XLE – With 241,259 Miles – Sent by Tiffany 


From Tiffany: This is our 04′ Sienna loving named Birdie. She’s got a few miles on her & hopefully many more to go. We bought her used at 135000. Birdie is my daily driver. We’ve done regular scheduled maintenance on her & she runs like a top. We have had to replace the struts & it has had a few recalls on her, but we love her. Great family car. The biggest issue is just standard wear & tear from 3 kids. The kids have broke the front pocket lid on the drivers door & our 80 lb lab has carved his “name” on both front doors. She’s a great van. There isn’t a place I wouldn’t drive her. I know she isn’t as high as the others, but she’s still a tough little van. It blows my mind at the thought of a million miles. She could have technically reached the moon. Here’s to more miles & bunches of road trips.




1997 Honda Accord EX-L  – With 346,000 Miles – Sent by Steve

From Steve: This car just wont stop. I’ve used it to pull my jet ski for years, along with my kayak on the roof rack. It has made many trips to the Wilds of Pennsylvania, back roads and all. The check engine light will even shut itself off when it comes on.


2006 Toyota Avalon XLS – With 269,000 Miles – Sent by William 


From William: I purchased my car new on January 31st 2006 in Maryland. I average around 25000 miles a year. We only have one car in my family and for us it works. I love my car and I can count on one hand just how many parts I had to replace on it. I take very good care of it and keep it in the garage for all of its life. I plan to keep the car as long as I can or at the least a million miles.


2004 Oldsmobile Alero, 2.2l auto – With 338,712 Miles – Sent by Dennis 

From Dennis: My ugly get to work car.(160 miles a day) Bought in 2009, when I learned my job was going to another city. Not wanting to move, I bought the Alero for 4500.00, with 91,000 miles on it.

Since then, it’s been wrecked 3 times, caught it on fire when checking fuel injectors.

Only major repairs are timing and balance chains at 286,000. Mostly just brakes, tires, wheel bearings, fuel pump, stuts, etc.

Uses a little oil, no check engine lights, drives very nice.

Radio speakers don’t always work, rear defrost quit, and fuel gauge died, but I’m still driving!

Ohio salt is starting to rust it out, but I plan to drive it until nothing is left!


That’s our round up for this month.  We’ll see you next time on High Mile Futures.



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  1. I now have close to 263k on my 08 Civic Coupe. I think it is a safe bet I can get to 400k. Mobil 1 extended performance is the best! However, I recommend changing the oil between 5-7,000 miles.

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