2001 Subaru Forester with over 400, 000 miles

Posted: January 23, 2014 in 400000+
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I often search various car forums to see if there are any new cases of high-mile vehicles. Today I came across Subaru owner David Z, who had a 2001 Forester that he has put 437, 000+ miles on.  Other than the regular maintenance, a head gasket and a radiator, there haven’t been many major issues at all. Though, it does appear he needed to replace the drive shaft. I would consider that a majorish repair. That sounds like an amazing car to me. Well done on the regular maintenance.  He is still updating, so if he happens to hit a milestone, we’ll be there to cover it.


  1. George Pichard says:

    I have a Subaru 1998 Forester that just hit the 722,000 miles mark, all that I do is change oil every 5,000 miles NOT the 3000 miles recommended long time ago when the viscosity was of lesser quality than today’s standard.

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