Fourth Gen Honda Accord: Case #3

So yesterday, I told you about another million-mile Honda Accord.  Here is the third example of an Accord that has gone over the magic number. In this case, the odometer broke early and had to be replaced. However, given that a local dealership bought the car to display, it all seems on the level. I can’t see how or why anyone would try and fake super high mileage unless there was some payoff for it. Given that David Witte was the  original owner who put all the miles on that car, I will credit him with the record.  He basically lived in the vehicle. It was rather anti-climatic when he went over a million, as the odometer had been replaced and was reading 605,798, but this doesn’t diminish the record in the slightest.

I found a re-post of this story on the Washington Post. If anyone knows what happened to this car, I’d love to know. Apparently, Hendrick Honda  put it up for sale in 2002? Tomorrow, I will have yet another example of a million mile Honda Accord.

Update: From Tyson over at Drivetofive. This actually appears to be a fifth generation Honda, but I wonder how far removed from the fourth generations it really is. I think its longevity adds some weight to the theory it might still have a fourth gen soul.

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  1. I think this one might actually be a 5th gen. According to the Washington Post article, the car was a 1994 coupe. Fourth gen was 1990-1993. Either way, pretty impressive! There is something about those 1990’s Hondas, that’s for sure… Keep up the great articles!

  2. You know, I think you are right. This car was right on the border years between fourth and fifth gens, so it’s probably a fifth, but it probably still had a lot of the magic of the fourth line. At least that is my guess. I have no scientific basis for that whatsoever.

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