The Acura Legend Coupe and the Drive to Five

Posted: January 25, 2014 in 500000+, Luxury
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I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this blog here yet. Over at Drivetofive,  Tyson features his adventures with his 1994 Acura Legend  and its journey to 500,000 miles and beyond. What makes his blog so amazing are the stories he tells about every mile his cars take.  He might be the one person out there I know of that is giving live updates about his current mileage. This is something I think is awesome. I just wish the million-mile-Miata folks were doing that. Keep up the great work Tyson.  You have certainly made the Hall of Fame list.

  1. tysonhugie says:

    Hey, wow, thanks for the feature! As you can imagine, I love reading about other people who have taken their vehicles great distances so I am subscribing to High Mile Club right away. My mileage accumulation on the Legend has slowed considerably since Acura threw me the keys to a 2013 ILX about 18 months ago, but from 2003-2013 it was my ~45k/year daily driver. I intend to keep pushing it to 600k and beyond. Keep up the great work on the site! I’d like to post a link to it on an upcoming D25 blog entry if that’s okay with you.

    • jasohill says:

      Thanks for your reply. You are welcome to post a link to my site anytime, anywhere. It was reading about you and Irv Gordon that got me into doing this blog. Keep up the great work on on your site, and enjoy the miles on your Legend and ILX. They are both beautiful cars.

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