Albert Klein and his 1.6 Million-Mile Beetle

Posted: April 9, 2014 in 1000000+
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One of the aims of this website is to document and catalog the amazing longevity people have achieved with their vehicles. While it is darn near impossible to get that drunken photo of yourself off Facebook, many news stories start to fade away in time. Eventually, they sink into the deep web where they become increasingly difficult to salvage. I was lucky to pull out one significant story from the webs before we lost it to time.  South Center Volkswagen’s Blog has a great story on Albert Klein and his Beetle, and one that is paramount to our cause here.

Way back in ’63 Albert Klein purchased a Volkswagen beetle 1200 for $1897.97.  In the time he owned it, he kept detailed journals about his car. He tracked mileage, repairs, tire changes, etc.  He continued to drive the car until 1993, then donated it to a museum. The final total was over 1,600,000 miles, however I haven’t been able to get an exact total.  It amazing what he accomplished in a car that many people disposed of after only a couple of hundred thousand miles.

As a bonus I found this story from the L.A. Time on him as well.  Well done, Albert, well done.


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