A 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis to Ring in the New Year

A Happy New Year to all you out there in high-mile land.  My goal is to start the year off right and get blogging about people and their amazing cars. I want to get started with a story about David Bennett, Jr. and his 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. David lives in  Jamesport Missouri, and is... Continue Reading →

HMC Exclusive: 1992 Accord EX with 628K+ Miles

  Hi everyone. Today I'd like to share the story of Ken Chan's 1992 Accord. He's put on some serious miles since he bought it. 628168.7 serious miles to be precise.  He tells the story best, "I just get in and drive basically.  I work 7 days a week and my commute is 100 miles... Continue Reading →

Infographic on High-Milers

Ali Aslam over at Carinorder was the kind gentlemen who helped me sort out some of my typos and wonky numbers. Thanks to him, we have more accurate stats on high-mile cars. To thank him, I want to share this nifty infographic he made on the top five high-mile cars in history (that we know... Continue Reading →

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