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I think I’m pretty good at catching the high-mile stories. In fact I’m actually terrible at it. All of 2016 went by and I completely missed this story of Victor Sheppard and his amazing 2007 Toyota Tundra. A Tundra he put a million freaking miles on and then got to exchange for a brand-new Toyota. I’m sure the engineers wanted access to that amazing tundra. It still had the original engine, transmission and paint job. Amazing!  According to the press release, he drove 125,000 miles a year in that Tundra. Wow, my butt is sore just thinking about all those driving hours.

Mr. Sheppard, we here at HMC salute you. You’ve done what few people could. Drive a vehicle a million miles. And for that, I’m adding you to the hall of fame. Your truck will be in nineteenth place.  I’m still trying to figure out what his final odometer reading was. If I can figure it out, I’ll just round it to the final million.


It’s funny what you can find when you aren’t even looking. I was perusing Drivetofive the other day and lo and behold, Tyson posted a blurb about a 1995 Toyota T100 that has done 1,000,000 miles of driving. Now for Tyson that might not be a big deal, and I’m just thinking he forgot to pass on this little tidbid…;), but here at HMC that is first page news. Holy cow! It’s not everyday any car goes over 500,000 miles, let alone a million.  You can find the full story here(Link is now dead.).  For those who just want the basics, Nancy Richardson is the owner of the truck and she spent her time driving 800 miles a week delivering seafood to restaurants. In what is first for high-mile owner, we have a vehicle with a nickname. She called her truck Clyde after a Clydesdale horse. Sadly, she’s retiring the truck.  I’m not getting much more on the story other than from Fox, but it seems to be all the info you really need. Well done Nancy. If you have any more to share about Clyde, feel free to drop us a line.

Update: A kind reader name KC emailed me a new link to info on the story. It appears there aren’t many left, so I will attempt to save the important info on this important high-mile story. For now here is the updated story.

 Here is some updated info in case this remains the only link left on the Internet . I have paraphrased as much as I can.

Nancy, at the time of the article was 62 and her truck was a 1995 Toyota T100. Nancy lives in Jasper. For more than 20 years, Nancy has delivered fish to high-end restaurants and country clubs in Evansville, Owensboro, Henderson, Fort Branch and Princeton. She would  log more than 1,600 miles a week.   She used to deliver fish in a 1985 minivan. That wasn’t the best solution. There was 100 miles on the Odometer from the time of purchase. After it hit a million miles, the Odometer zeroed out.

She doesn’t wash Clyde very often and she only remembers waxing the truck once. However, she is very seriously about routine maintenance. Over the years, Nancy has had Clyde’s radiator, transmission, heater blower motor, gas tank and  its fuel pump replaced. The internal engine components are all original. Its power-train consists of a four-cyclinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission. The two-wheel-drive truck cost $1 2,900 new.

Credit to Bill Powell at the Dubois County Herald for this information. 

One of the goals I have planned for this site is to archive all high-mile vehicles in a central location. The problem with news and forums stories is that time tends to let them vanish in faded CMS databases and bankrupt organizations. If I can keep this site going, High-mile cars will always have a place to call home. And what better car than a high-miler?

A good example of this comes to us from reader Paolo. He read our story Mercedes-Benz 250SE and remembered a similar article from a few years back. George and Luzstella Koschel of Orange County, California bought a 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE new in 1970 and put 1,019,000 miles on it.  Sadly, it appears this story might be lost to history. I cannot find much on the current status of this car. If you know where it is today, please let us know. It’s a classic high-miler that will be added to our Hall of Fame. 


Update: It looks like the car was recently given back to Mercedes Benz by the Koschels themselves. At least we know the car is in good condition. Sadly, it doesn’t look like it will be racking up anymore miles.


A little while back I remember writing the article about Irv Gordon and his super accomplishment and thinking about another driver who had taken his car over 2.5 millions miles. At the time I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find anything. Somehow, I was able to track down an article that had the info. The story is about ten years old now and that is why it is fading from collective memory. I felt it needed to be mentioned here, solely for the fact that it would be the number two entry in our Hall of Fame.

Way back in 1981, a Greek taxi driver named Gregorios Sachinidis bought a used 1976 Mercedes Benz 240D with 220, 000 miles on the odometer.  He used that car as a taxi until July 2004, when he donated it to the  Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection. Mercedes was gracious enough to offer him a C 200 CDI for his trouble.

It appears he used four engines in the car during his time as a drivers and rotated them. This is not too surprising given the sheer amount of miles driven. Still, even with engine replacement, the total distance of 2,858,307 Miles before it was retired.

I will admit that unlike most car on this blog,  this the car was used strictly in a business sense as  a fleet vehicle and taxi, and simply given the nature of the job was capable of racking up the miles,  but that doesn’t diminish from the fact that it was a Benz 240D and not some long haul semi that was designed for a million miles. This vehicle has earned its rest, and its place on the all-time list.


I found this page a little while back that features some cars that perfect for the HMC. The first entry is especially nice. I’ll talk about a few of these in the next couple of days. For those of you who don’t know, Red Deer is a city between the cities of Edmonton and Calgary in central Alberta. It’s near where I grew up. This is a business website, but it still gives a great overview of some long-lived vehicles.

Leading off this series of super long-life cars is a 1992 Toyota Camry owned by Lloyd E. that has done 1,305,000 kilometers, or 810,889 miles. No matter which system you use, that is an impressive number. He’s replaced the transmission and engine (both found in junkyards) and the thing keep on going. He did replace the car in 2008 when he gave it to his daughter. But from what I can tell, she is still driving it. Despite the drive train work, it’s still a major accomplishment. Well done.  Lloyd, if that car is still on the road, let us know!



I don’t think we’ve featured a Mercedes Benz on here before. Well, there is a first time for everything. This story comes from my home country of Canada. Robert Miles from Ontario bought a 300D (W124) in 1989, and drove it to 1,110,000 kilometers. That’s a great milestone. Converted to miles it’s  689, 722 miles. That would be put him quite high up on our list. He hasn’t had any major work done on the vehicle, and the drive train is original. He thanks his technician Peter Hagen Jr. for all of the meticulous service work that has been done.  The car was basically his office the entire time. Well done Robert.  I wonder if he’s still driving it today.

I just want to warn you about this story. It’s not new. In fact, it goes back about eight years. But that does nothing to diminish the notability of Peter Gilbert and his 1989 million-mile Saab. He treated himself to a new sports car and drove it for the next seventeen years. He even smacked a deer with the car. That didn’t stop him. He replaced the transmission at 200k, but most of the parts are factory original. Which is amazing. In fact, the engine wasn’t even rebuilt. It did have some severe rust damage over the year, and eventually he donated it to a museum for display. He was hoping to get a new car from SAAB, but ended up getting jack. It’s not every day that someone becomes a driving advertisement for your car company. I feel GM could have done more for him.  That changes nothing about how amazing his achievement is. Hats off to you, Mr. Gilbert.

Update: According to High Mile Club reader Paolo, Peter did get a new Saab from GM. In 2007 he got a 9-5 Sportcombi. How ’bout them apples. That’s good to hear.

Do you like trucks? No? Well, then you’d better skip this story. Trucks are getting a lot of love on this blog as of late. In fact, Silverados in particular. We just blogged about a million mile+ Silverado last week. Well guess what? We have another to talk about. This story goes back a few years, but is still a reminder of how rock solid trucks can be. Frank Orsenick bought himself a dandy little 1991 Silverado in 1996 with 41, 000 miles on the clock. I think you know how the rest of the story goes.  He drove it to crazy new height and from what I can find it sits at 1,289, 882 miles. But it’s entirely possible that he’s been driving it more. Frank, if you are out there, let us know how the truck is doing.

It’s happened. Deltatechx went over the million mile mark on his Honda Civic. We here at High Mile Club want to congratulate him on this amazing milestone. Well done.  On some of the most recent post to that famous thread he outlines an oil analysis he had done, and gives us some insight into the frequency of those changes. Also, it seems he had to replace the instrument panel on the odometer as it wouldn’t handle the million switch over. Check out that forum thread for the entire story.

You may remember I blogged a little while back about the guy on reddit with the 500k+ mile Corvette. Well, I couldn’t get any more information on him, but I did find this youtube video that talks about the car before it went over the mark. I just can’t be a hundred percent sure they are talking about the same car. I would assume they are. I mean, how many 1965  Corvette stingrays are there with over 450,000 mile on them?  Seriously. This has to be the one.