Spotlight on a 1992 Honda Civic VX With Many, Many Miles

Hi everyone. I want to apologize again for the long delays in blogging. I've had to put the blog on the back burner while life happened. But I'm trying to ease back into a regular schedule here. High-mile cars aren't going anywhere for now, at least as long as we keep self-driving cars at bay,... Continue Reading →

HMC Exclusive: Long time community member Shaubhik has 2008 civic that surpassed 300,000 big ones!

Hi everyone! Long time HMC reader Shaubhik Roy(Who asked a very poignant question about his car back in the day.), and who has been active in the comments almost as long as the blog has been around, has finally hit the magical minimum level for entry in the High High Club. Well, way back then,... Continue Reading →

Update: Deltatechx nearing a million miles

I was just over at the 8thcivic forums, and it appears that Deltatechx will hit a million miles in the next few weeks. We'll be following the news here. If you don't remember DeltatechX, here is the story I posted on him a while back. He's currently at 995,000 miles.

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