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Mile High Club


Here is a short story about Dianna and her 1994 Honda Del Sol. She loves her car so. It has never given her any grief. And this year, it clocked over 300,000 big ones, to her relief. The Del Sol has made the trip between Arizona and California many a time. Dianna will never sell her Del Sol. That’d be a crime.  Thank you for sharing your Story with us, Dianna. And excuse my poor rhyming. That’s the real crime here.


Hi everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the early winter weather. For those in the southern hemisphere, I assume your daily commutes aren’t a death trap. Anyway, here is a great story from David (in Southern California) on his 1995 Toyota Celica GT Convertible. It’s nice to see a ‘sporty’ vehicle getting used for both commuting and high-mile collection. Look, I’m not going to disparage anyone from putting 500K plus miles on a Civic or a Camry, but you can drive and look good doing it in a Celica (David claims it’s unsexy. I would disagree.) Here is David’s story in his own words:

I purchased the car new in November of 1994 and have been driving her on my 60 plus mile daily commute ever since. Despite working in an industry where luxury and high end image1vehicles are the norm, I never had the reason, cause, or excuse to trade / upgrade her.  This vehicle has been relentlessly reliable since the day of purchase and I continue to marvel at her “can do” attitude. Abandonment has and never will be an option!

The car is still running on her original engine (4th timing belt) and original transmission. No major issues, and with the exception of a spent battery or two (or in my case, 8), has never left me stranded. She doesn’t leak oil, still performs at 30 MPG (with a good wind behind her), and for the unsexy, anti-chick magnet that she is, doesn’t look half bad – especially with the top down (which is 90% of the time)!

All and all, my Toyota and I are quite happy together and will hit, with no doubt, 500,000 miles. Thank you for your interest and please enjoy the below pictures and videos documenting both 300k and 400k miles!

Thanks again for sharing with us David.

Enjoy some photos of David’s wonderful Celica.



I have been getting a ton of e-mail recently, and most of it dealing with vehicles that are under my blog-post minimum of 350,000 miles.  Usually, unless there are special circumstances like an electric car or an exotic, I don’t dedicate a single blog post to a car under 350,000 miles. However, I feel bad just letting those mails go unanswered, so from now on at the end of each month, if I will collect the mail that features lower-milage cars, and put them here. In pro sports, you have blogs that cover prospects. Well you can consider this the prospect blog for future high-mile cars. A farm team of high-milers so to speak.  I have two this month. Let’s get started.


1995 Toyota Camry  – With 254220 Miles – Sent by Kathryn


1998 Honda EK9 Sedan- With 255069 Miles – Sent by Hayden

Hayden doesn’t have any photos but he tells me he has put a lot of work into car, and it’s been through a few traffic incidents in its time as well. It has many of the original components but he’s put in all new rear suspension, new CV axles, new tie rod ends, new pistons, new cam, and stage two cold air intake. The car didn’t actually need any of this stuff, he just wanted to keep his ride running as smooth as possible. Hayden goal is 500k, and we’ll be following him all the way.

That’s all for June.  From today, any future lower-mile cars will hit the July edition. Short and sweet. See you then.



Hey there everyone. I just got a mail from Damien Gallagher over at He has put together an amazing  infographic on how to extend the life of your car. He tells me he used this very blog as one of the sources for the info. I think that is pretty awesome. The entire point of the this blog is to keep a record of high mile cars and I’m glad to see that it’s being put to good use. Thanks Damien. Here is the infographic.


Damien Gallagher –

This breaking news comes to us from Tyson Hugie at Drivetofive, HMC reader and long time High-miler. Someone named Mark owns a 2000 Corvette, and according to that video, that vet has 649, 248 miles on it. I know, right? Insane! The surprise isn’t the mileage itself. It’s how new that Corvette is. It’s simply amazing.  If you know Mark, or you are Mark, please contact us. I’d like to talk to you about your Corvette.

Thanks to Wikipedia user - OSX for use of this photo. Subaru CVT.

Credit: Wikipedia user – OSX Subaru Lineartronic  CVT.

Let’s start off the New Year with a little project. I’m putting this one out to all of you in car land. I bought my first new car a few years back. It’s a Mazda Demio Skyactiv 1.3, and I’ve put about 35,000km on it since I brought it home. This Demio came with a CVT transmission and I’ve been pretty happy with it so far. The gas mileage is about 21km/L on average, which is the highest I’ve ever had in a car.

I remember reading a few years back that CVTs were unpredictable, and that Nissan and MINI had tons of trouble with them. Not only this, but they were notoriously difficult to repair and replacing a CVT was stupid expensive. Upwards around $7000 dollars for a new Murano CVT.   What I’d like to know is, what is the highest-mile car with a CVT in it at the moment?I’ve read forum posts about Nissan Muranos with 100,000 miles on them, but I’d really like to know what the record is. I’m asking you, HMC readers. What’s the buzz? Tell me, what’s a happening? The answer to this question doesn’t have to come right away. But hopefully by the end of the year, we’ll have an answer.

Here’s a great story from the Hannibal Courier-Post about a lady named Dolores Treat who has amassed 400,000 Miles on her ‘Volvo.’ She bought it used in 1989 and it has seen service ever since. They change the oil every 3000 miles and the car has never been in an accident. I would assume that there hasn’t been a major repair on it either, other that having the seats reupholstered. This is the kind of article that we love to talk about. The sad thing is, they never mentioned the model and year of the car. I might have to dig a little deeper on this story.

Seriously though. Let me know if I missed the model and make.


Update: HMC’s Volvo Expert Paolo was all over this story. Within moments of me posting it, he was able to tell it’s a 240DL. Check out how he did it in the comments. Thanks again Paolo. You really know your classic Volvos. Wow, hard to imagine a car from 1989 being classic. I am old.

To start of the week’s news, I wanted to pose a question to the HMC audience.   Aaron L. posed a great question in the comments earlier today. His vehicle has around 185,000 miles and rust is starting to creep onto his car. He was wondering how all of the high-milers out there mitigating the oncoming rust-storm? Do you have any strategies or tips? How to do you handle the eventual repairs? Do you take your car to an expert?  Use the comments down below to discuss rust. I eventually plan to create a list of high-mile techniques that we can use to keep our cars running to a million and beyond.  I plant o put it next to the hall of fame.

Today’s Youtube short is a Mercedes that has eclipsed the 300,000 mile mark. The driver even gets himself those nifty high-mileage badges. He’s taken great care of his car. I hope we see more from this man and his 1997 E320.  We may see him in the Hall of fame yet.

Earlier this year, I had a story on Carol Marini and her 800, 000+ mile mustang. Well, I have some new info about her. She contacted me and gave us an update on her situation. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to secure the funding to attend the pony ride down to Las Vegas this year. That’s a real shame. She even appealed to Ford for sponsorship, but it fell on deaf ears.  If you ask me, Carol is a living advertisement for the dependability of the Ford brand. I’m really surprised that they couldn’t help her out. Business politics I suppose.

Anyways, Carol was kind enough to send us some photos to post here, and she let us know her Mustang is now at 824, 000 miles.  She is planning an independent trip to Las Vegas to celebrate, and is currently looking into sponsorship options. I offered Pay Pal and Gofundme as possibilities, but if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

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