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Hi everyone. Sorry for the long delay. Life happens when you want to get things done. Anyways, today it’s time for a 4runner story. Now we are no strangers to the 4runner here at the High Mile Club. In fact they take up a sizable amount of our stories. I suppose you can thank Toyota and all the dedicated drivers who keep those 4runners 4running.

Today’s 4runner is a 2004 model from Sandy Ruben. It now has 554,000 miles on it. That puts it in our top 50. I wanted to share Sandy’s crazy story about his 4Runner.

From Sandy:

I just finished up my appointments, and I began my 2 1/2 hour ride back along a major highway. My car has 547,000 miles, but I’ve never had any major problems, so the high pitched beeping sound I hear has me concerned.

I look to pull over, and decide to put my 4 Runner in neutral. I coast along the highway and fortunately see an exit coming up soon.

If I go left, it’s uphill; if I go right, it’s downhill. As I proceed exiting right, all I see is trees for awhile. Then it opens up to another small highway; and I continue still to coast.

To the left, I see a hotel, and try to get over there, as most likely I’ll be spending the night there. My 10 mph is no match for the cars doing 65 mph, so I stay in my right-hand lane. I pass a “Gentleman’s Club”, a boarded up building, and a boarded up gas station. A stop light waits for me up ahead. Knowing I’m stuck at the light,sandy I make a right turn(still coasting). Incredibly enough, right in front of me is a Toyota dealer. I continue to coast and stop the car right in front of the office of the service entrance. (Before going inside, I try to start the car, and of course it’s dead!)

Back in 2004, when I was looking for a Toyota 4 Runner, I was in no rush. I drive all over the Southeast, so I’ll just buy it from the place that I can get the best deal.

I picked a Toyota dealer 115 miles from my house – Scott Clark Toyota in Charlotte. As I get out of the car, I look up, and It’s Scott Clark Toyota!  Apparently they moved 8 years ago, and my car found their new location.

After installing a new alternator, my trusty Toyota and I were back on the road within 2 1/2 hours. 

Driving a car with 547,000 miles is a little risky. I always wonder where and when it might break down. I never imagined in all these years that
it would e in front of a Toyota Service Center.

Wow! What a story, Sandy. the coincidences here are off the charts. We here at HMC are so happy you got your 4runner up and going again. Please keep us updated on any future milestones.


Here is another awesome story to brighten your week. HMC Exclusive 4Runner owner Terina just let me know her 4Runner hit the big 500,000 milestone. Well done, Terina. With that milestone, I’ll be adding you to the Hall of Fame. Terina promised me a odometer photo for the occasion, but she never got back to me. Hopefully this story will remind her. Haha. How is the 4runner holding up? Going for a million?

The 4runner flood gates, they are now open. I’ve featured a number of 4runners with 300, 000+ miles here at HMC, and that list just keeps on getting longer and longer. Today, I’d like to talk about Carolyn Weaver and her 1986 Toyota 4runner.  She has owned her vehicle right from the first 50 miles and has driven it all over Europe.  She lived in Germany for six years and drove up and down the Autobahn from Austria to Switzerland and East Germany to Berlin after the wall fell.

Carolyn says she has blown out the head gasket twice and had a rod go once.  She has had the engine refurbished at 389, 000 miles and has suffered no accidents in the vehicle, and than the regular dings and scratches that befall us all. Today, she lives in Arizona, and continues to drive her 4runner. Well done, Carolyn. That is quite a history. I hope you and the 4runner will continue to drive well in the future. She has promised us a photo of her car, so I’m hoping we get one of it soon. Thanks again for sharing your story with us.

We are no strangers to 4runners here at the High Mile Club, so it was no surprise when I got a mail from Brenda Cannon, who shared her 4runner experience with us. She’s an active skier and dirt biker so she needed a vehicle with four wheel drive. She says she’s the second owner and has had it since 2003. She keeps it maintained and has had no issues.

Well done Brenda. Thanks for sharing your story with us.   Brenda, the email you sent me must have had a typo. I can’t get back to you. I’d love to get a photo of you and the 4runner, or even just the 4runner.

It appears the Toyota 4runner has taken an early lead in the race to be the model with the most high mile cars here. This one comes from Calgary, Alberta and the owner makes a cute little video to celebrate along with the dealer he bought it from.  I like it when a dealer and owner both come together for these little tributes.

At some point I am going to compile a list of cars featured here in order of highest mileage to lowest. Do you have a high mile wonder? Let us know about it. What are you waiting for?

There seems to be something about the 4runner. Something good. Just yesterday, I posted about a 4runner that had 400k miles under its belt. Well, low and behold, here we have a different 4runner, a 1997 model that has gone 100k over what the other had done. five hundred big ones.  This is video is a few years old now, but it doesn’t detract anything from the milestone.  Another amazing achievement. One that seems to have caught the eye of a local Toyota dealership. Possibly the dealership he bought the car from.

This story comes to us from Dr. Billy Schieve on youtube. In the video he takes his car over the 400k mile milestone. While it might not be 500k, it’s certainly an amazing achievement. He claims no major repairs other than regular maintenance. Well done, sir.  I love how pumped he gets when he hits the magic number. That is what we are all about here. Celebrating those moments. I hope we get to  see a 500k video as well.