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The High Mile Club’s Hall-of-Fame is becoming quite the competitive scene. We’ve seen a number of cars drop out of the top 50 in the past year. Simply having 500,000 miles is no longer enough to get you in. But that didn’t stop Mike Lipperman. I did a quick blurb about Mile and his 2001 Avalon back in 2014. He had crossed the 500k mile mark and was featured in the news. But his Avalon was recently bumped from the the top 50.

Well, Mike and his Avalon are back with a vengeance. His Toyota now sits at 617,300 miles and the local news did another story on him when he hit 600,000 miles. That means Mike shooting back into the top 50 at #33, up from #52. Well played, Mike. Keep us updated on the Avalon.


I have some great news. Today, High Mile Club Exclusive member Paul Silva and his 2001 Hyundai Sonata have entered the Top fifty. I blogged about him a while ago, and at that time he was determined to get on the list. Well the time has come and Paul has done it. He sent me this photo as proof.


Paul enters the list at rank 44, currently sitting at 500,750 miles. This pushes Rosicella Flores’ Camry down to 51. I have decided to keep her on the page, as she is also an exclusive member of the HMC. However, if too many people get bumped down, I might have to start a separate list just for exclusive members.

Congratulations, Paul. This is well earned. Paul has told me his transmission is toast, but he has a replacement lined up and wants to get the Sonata to 1,000,000 miles. We are cheering you all the way.  Keep using those high-milers!

DSCN3616 Okay, here’s a cool story for a bad case of Mondayitis.  I’ve been communicating with Paul Silva, and when my e-mails aren’t landing in his SPAM box, he tells me he’s the proud owner of 2001 Hyundai Sonata GLS V6 with over 460,000 miles in the bank. Can you believe that? I can’t recall a time where a Hyundai had that many miles. I don’t doubt that there are any, but I’ve never seen an article about one. Paul’s might just be the first. DSCN3629 Anyways, back to Paul’s Hyundai. He tells me his miles are all original miles, and that the engine and transmission have never been rebuilt. Apparently, he’s owned four cars in his life and all of  them have gone over 300,000 miles, with one getting up past 400,000 miles. He says this isn’t by chance. He uses only conventional oil fro Valvoline and changes it every 4,000 miles. He also uses one can of Engine Restorer every other oil change.  His car passes the California Smog test every two years without any issues.  He usually drives 160 miles return trip to work and travels around California playing competitive pool.   He mentioned that he drove it as much as 10,000 miles in a single month in 2002. Wow! DSCN3619 It’s clear Paul is dedicated to his Sonata.   He mentioned that Hyundai sent him a gift pack and a $200 coupon for having a super high-mile Hyundai. You don’t see that from car makers anymore these days. Nice to see Hyundai step up to congratulate their customer, even if just a little. Paul is gunning for the hall of fame and hopes to do 500,000 big ones by next year. We will be tracking his progress all the way. I want that Sonata in my hall-of-fame!  Good luck Paul. It appears that South Korea is now making long lasting cars. Well done, Hyundai. Well, done.

The following is the story of a man and his 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T. The amount of miles he accumulated isn’t what makes this story that impressive. He did get it up to 500,000 miles, which qualifies him for our list. What makes it impressive is that it’s a four cylinder engine, and that he had VW do an autopsy on the vehicle. What did they find? Not much really, I think that is the really story. The engine block was clean.  The engine was in really good shape due to the owners  constant vigilance.  He probably could have driven this thing another 500k easily.  But, I suppose, in the name of science, he made the sacrifice. You can read about it here on his blog.

So for those of you who think a four cylinder can’t handle the wear and tear like a V6, you are so wrong.

I often search various car forums to see if there are any new cases of high-mile vehicles. Today I came across Subaru owner David Z, who had a 2001 Forester that he has put 437, 000+ miles on.  Other than the regular maintenance, a head gasket and a radiator, there haven’t been many major issues at all. Though, it does appear he needed to replace the drive shaft. I would consider that a majorish repair. That sounds like an amazing car to me. Well done on the regular maintenance.  He is still updating, so if he happens to hit a milestone, we’ll be there to cover it.