HMC Exclusive: 1998 Honda Accord EX Coupe with 748,219 km (464922 miles)

Hello to all of you high-milers out there. Our first exclusive story of 2017 comes to us from Ontario, Canada. High-miler Michael Proctor has a 1998 Honda Accord EX Coupe with 745000 km on it. That is around 468000 in miles. Here is a little from Michael about his Accord. From Michael: Hi there! I live in... Continue Reading →

HMC Exclusive: 1998 Ford Explorer with 400,000 Miles

  Happy November, fellow High-milers. Today's exclusive comes to us from Doug Wood. Here is the info on his Explorer: Odometer Reading: 400,000 Year: 1998 Model: Ford Explorer - Eddie Bauer Edition From Doug: I bought my Ford Explorer new in July of 1998. The car is basically all original except for the transmission. I'm on... Continue Reading →

1998 Toyota 4runner 400000+ miles

This story comes to us from Dr. Billy Schieve on youtube. In the video he takes his car over the 400k mile milestone. While it might not be 500k, it's certainly an amazing achievement. He claims no major repairs other than regular maintenance. Well done, sir.  I love how pumped he gets when he hits the... Continue Reading →

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