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It’s not every day I get a mail from someone telling me their car is about to hit a million miles. I usually get those stories as second-hand news from other blogs. But today is a very different day. I have been in communication with Mike Wein, and today he wants to show all of you his 1994 Honda Accord Wagon EX 5-speed with 998, 418 Miles! Not Kilometers, MILES! Yes, this man has a car with almost a million miles on it, and we are covering it here today for you.

I thought it would be best if Mike said it himself :

 There isn’t a lot of crazy stories to share I suppose, just a lot of long commutes for many years that added up. Really, other than dealing with rust related issues and maintenance, I have had very little to no problems with it.  I had to replace the intermediate shaft becausewagon1 the bearing went out, and really that is the only recent repair I can recall that was not rust or maintenance.  I am going to replace the right axle soon too because the outer joint is making noise.  If someone had a similar generation Accord, a couple things I would recommend people keep up with that get overlooked sometimes are cleaning the throttle body often, cleaning out the EGR ports periodically, and changing out the ignition coil periodically.  Those things don’t really have maintenance schedules from Honda so they get overlooked, but these Accords do much better if you take care of those things periodically.  Also if it is not too late, undercoat your fuel tank and fuel/brake lines on these, very expensive to replace those things when they rust out if you are in a rust area like myself (Wisconsin). 

Mike, we are speechless here at the High Mile Club. You have earned a place in our hall-of-fame, and honestly, your amazing driving and maintenance habits are up there with only a select few. We would be honored if you could let us know when you hit the big milestone. Thanks again for sharing your story with us here.


I have a few more of those high-mile Subarus to cover, so let’s get to it. Perter Carbee bought his Subaru used with 145, 000 miles on the odometer and then drove it to the moon and back. Well, at least that is what it seems like. It hasn’t been a trouble free journey for him and his Legacy. The transmission has been replaced a number of times, and he had a pulley go from the timing belt. Despite all this he’s kept it going. He says he drives it less than he has in the past, but it’s still an incredible achievement. Peter, if you see this article, let us know how your car is getting on.

So yesterday, I told you about another million-mile Honda Accord.  Here is the third example of an Accord that has gone over the magic number. In this case, the odometer broke early and had to be replaced. However, given that a local dealership bought the car to display, it all seems on the level. I can’t see how or why anyone would try and fake super high mileage unless there was some payoff for it. Given that David Witte was the  original owner who put all the miles on that car, I will credit him with the record.  He basically lived in the vehicle. It was rather anti-climatic when he went over a million, as the odometer had been replaced and was reading 605,798, but this doesn’t diminish the record in the slightest.

I found a re-post of this story on the Washington Post. If anyone knows what happened to this car, I’d love to know. Apparently, Hendrick Honda  put it up for sale in 2002? Tomorrow, I will have yet another example of a million mile Honda Accord.

Update: From Tyson over at Drivetofive. This actually appears to be a fifth generation Honda, but I wonder how far removed from the fourth generations it really is. I think its longevity adds some weight to the theory it might still have a fourth gen soul.

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this blog here yet. Over at Drivetofive,  Tyson features his adventures with his 1994 Acura Legend  and its journey to 500,000 miles and beyond. What makes his blog so amazing are the stories he tells about every mile his cars take.  He might be the one person out there I know of that is giving live updates about his current mileage. This is something I think is awesome. I just wish the million-mile-Miata folks were doing that. Keep up the great work Tyson.  You have certainly made the Hall of Fame list.