HMC Exclusive: 1994 Accord Wagon EX with 998,419 MILES!

It's not every day I get a mail from someone telling me their car is about to hit a million miles. I usually get those stories as second-hand news from other blogs. But today is a very different day. I have been in communication with Mike Wein, and today he wants to show all of... Continue Reading →


1994 Subaru Legacy with 516,000+ miles on it

I have a few more of those high-mile Subarus to cover, so let's get to it. Perter Carbee bought his Subaru used with 145, 000 miles on the odometer and then drove it to the moon and back. Well, at least that is what it seems like. It hasn't been a trouble free journey for... Continue Reading →

Fourth Gen Honda Accord: Case #3

So yesterday, I told you about another million-mile Honda Accord.  Here is the third example of an Accord that has gone over the magic number. In this case, the odometer broke early and had to be replaced. However, given that a local dealership bought the car to display, it all seems on the level. I... Continue Reading →

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