’91 Silverado With a Million+ Miles

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa0ZPhs2Cyw Do you like trucks? No? Well, then you'd better skip this story. Trucks are getting a lot of love on this blog as of late. In fact, Silverados in particular. We just blogged about a million mile+ Silverado last week. Well guess what? We have another to talk about. This story goes back a... Continue Reading →

The Last of the Legendary Accords…For now.

My last foray into the amazing fourth Generation Honda accords comes to us right from Honda's Website. ¬†Under their members stories section is the story Rodney B, who inherited his father's 1991 Honda Accord Ex when he passed away. The car has an incredible¬†1,165,788 miles under its belt. The one comes right from the company... Continue Reading →

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