HMC Exclusive: The Amazing Kelly Hardy and Her Baja Camry

Today's HMC exclusive comes to us courtesy of Kelly Hardy, and we're going to be talking about her 1992 Toyota Camry. Kelly is a falconer and she uses her Camry for, um, falconing. Is that a word? Anyways, she takes the car off road a lot, and that equals wear and tear. It's also the... Continue Reading →

Man Pays $75 for a Truck That he Still Drives 38 Years Later

Here's a wonderful little story to kick of 2015. I found this one on Autoblog, and I'm giving them full credit, though I suspect the local news is the real hero here. Bob Sportel bought himself a 1957 Chevy Truck to get to his new job, and continues to drive the same truck today. He claims... Continue Reading →

High-Mile Prisuses

For you consideration: This thread over at Priuschat is quite interesting. There is a Prius owner named '2 fas 4 U' who has taken a Prius and a Prius V over 300,000 miles over the last few years. If anything, it proves that Prii are built like fuel-efficient rocks. There are many interesting stories of Prius V... Continue Reading →

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