A Dodge Ram 2500 from 2007 with 1.7 million Miles!

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Yes! You read that title correctly. HMC reader Donald Jensen sent me a link to the Cummins engine high-mile club(an amazing place to find high-mile cummins workhorses.) There I found his 2007 Dodge Ram 2500. This thing had 1,750,010 MILES on it. That is a staggering number of miles. In fact that puts Donald’s truck in THIRD PLACE on our top 50.

Now, before I get into details about Donald’s truck I must stipulate that on the Cummins High-mile site,  I found a lot of vehicles that had over a million miles. In fact, if all of them submitted their records to HMC, it would overrun my top 50. They all have Cummins engines, and many of them are being used in mostly commercial settings. Donald himself is using his truck for work. Now, Where do I stand on commercial and fleet vehicles? It’s a tough call. On one hand, they are designed for heavy workloads and can outlast regular vehicles hands-down. If there were a top ten list for commercial and heavy trucks, I’m sure some of them would reach into the tens of millions of miles. But that is not what I’m documenting here. My mission has always been about the  stories of people and their daily drivers.

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In Donald’s case, his truck is in the domain of vehicles that see both commercial and personal use. So I’m going to count it. Also, it’s my website so my rules. Though, if we end up with to too many commercial trucks, I might have to create a separate list for them. We’ll see how it goes. Now back to Donald’s amazing truck.

I’m going to go with what I found on the Cummins site here for info.

Donald had his instrument cluster replaced at 533752 miles, then another cluster was added at 626,369 miles for a total of 1,150,121 plus whatever the current odometer is 20190416_182658reading. The new cluster shows 599889 for a total of 1,750,010 miles. It appears the most unreliable part of this truck is its ability to record how awesome it is. If that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is.

Donald transports RV’s from Indiana. He has traveled to 48 states and 10 provinces(in Canada).  His truck is loaded and working for over half of the miles shown. He says, “Cummins delivers the power and efficiency to make my job enjoyable.” Yeah, sounds like a Cummins ad here, but hey, they are that good.

As for maintenance, he says the folks at Brickner Motors provide great service and keep his truck going. He states, “Every time this truck goes in the shop it’s a new record as we are in uncharted territory. Things that don’t normally wear out, need to be replaced, such as my driver’s seat. ” He uses Amsoil 15w40 and  relies on General Tires. Donald hit the million-mile mark on July 2nd 2013. He thanks Cummins for the opportunity to reach this milestone.

Thank you for sharing your truck with us Donald. We hope you take it many more miles. Please keep us abreast of your current adventures!





6 thoughts on “A Dodge Ram 2500 from 2007 with 1.7 million Miles!

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  1. Talk about a lot of seat time! 1.7 million miles… that’s, what, over half of Irv Gordon’s record? Diesel engines do roll incredibly high miles, though (fun time sink: search eBay for 70’s and 80’s 240D cars, and see how many hundred of thousands they’ve racked up).

    Interesting thought about commercial vs. personal. Your site, your rules, indeed, but I think a separate list for commercial vehicles might be needed.

    Cool write-up. Thanks for posting this!

  2. AMAZING .. 1,750,000 miles / 12 years, is 145833 per year, or 400 miles per day 365 days a year!!! True dedication to NEVER take a day of in 12 years!!!

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