1988 Mercedes Benz W124 with 5.6 Million Km?


Okay folks, I don’t want to be starting something here, but we got ourselves a humdinger of a story. I can’t verify any of this but on one page and a Vimeo video, but I got a comment with a story from  Francesco claiming to show a Taxi with over 5 million Km(3.4 Million Miles) on it on the Island of Gran Canaria. Now, let’s be clear, this is a fleet vehicle used for commercial purposes, but by the sounds of it, this taxi could eclipse Irv Gordon on the Hall-of-Fame. I’m not keen on vetting things, and I don’t really care how many times an engine has been overhauled or changed(five times in this case), so this could be a serious claim. The article is in Spanish and that could be partially why it hasn’t popped up on top-tens around the English speaking web. I’m going to follow up on the story and see what I can get from it. I’ll post further info as an update.

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