HMC Exclusive: 1992 Accord EX with 628K+ Miles


IMG_1351Hi everyone. Today I’d like to share the story of Ken Chan’s 1992 Accord. He’s put on some serious miles since he bought it. 628168.7 serious miles to be precise.  He tells the story best,

“I just get in and drive basically.  I work 7 days a week and my commute is 100 miles a day.    I bring it to my neighbor who is a Honda mechanic. Every 15 K miles. He uses all Honda parts and Honda fluids.  Parts are getting harder to find, but Honda parts are the key.  It’s starting to burn oil, 0.5 quart a week after 700 miles.  Original engine, transmission. I change the oil every 6-7 K miles.  And majority freeway miles.  ”  


Thanks Ken. Great to hear from you and your Honda. If we can take anything away from this, it’s to use original parts. Those miles put you in the Top 50 for sure. Keep us up to date on your progress! Keep up the miles.




6 thoughts on “HMC Exclusive: 1992 Accord EX with 628K+ Miles

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  1. Ken,
    Thanks for sharing your story. 628k is remarkable! I am close to 286k on my 08 Civic Coupe, and I thought I had a lot of miles. Here is to 800k!

  2. Make that 288k, and have had to get a new steering rack (few months ago), original drums finally were replaced at 287k. I will need to replace the cat and the o2 sensors.

  3. I am now at 317,800 or so. The suspension resurrection wasn’ t what I expected, so might eventually replace it with OEM parts.

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