HMC Exclusive: 1994 Accord Wagon EX with 998,419 MILES!


It’s not every day I get a mail from someone telling me their car is about to hit a million miles. I usually get those stories as second-hand news from other blogs. But today is a very different day. I have been in communication with Mike Wein, and today he wants to show all of you his 1994 Honda Accord Wagon EX 5-speed with 998, 418 Miles! Not Kilometers, MILES! Yes, this man has a car with almost a million miles on it, and we are covering it here today for you.

I thought it would be best if Mike said it himself :

 There isn’t a lot of crazy stories to share I suppose, just a lot of long commutes for many years that added up. Really, other than dealing with rust related issues and maintenance, I have had very little to no problems with it.  I had to replace the intermediate shaft becausewagon1 the bearing went out, and really that is the only recent repair I can recall that was not rust or maintenance.  I am going to replace the right axle soon too because the outer joint is making noise.  If someone had a similar generation Accord, a couple things I would recommend people keep up with that get overlooked sometimes are cleaning the throttle body often, cleaning out the EGR ports periodically, and changing out the ignition coil periodically.  Those things don’t really have maintenance schedules from Honda so they get overlooked, but these Accords do much better if you take care of those things periodically.  Also if it is not too late, undercoat your fuel tank and fuel/brake lines on these, very expensive to replace those things when they rust out if you are in a rust area like myself (Wisconsin). 

Mike, we are speechless here at the High Mile Club. You have earned a place in our hall-of-fame, and honestly, your amazing driving and maintenance habits are up there with only a select few. We would be honored if you could let us know when you hit the big milestone. Thanks again for sharing your story with us here.

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  1. That’s a great looking body for being in the rust belt! My question is, since I live in the rust belt (Western New York State in the ‘Lake Effect snow belt’ region) how go you keep the rust from taking out the wheel well metal areas of the body, among other places?
    The salt would have eaten through there years ago. I drive only cars purchased in Southern California and bring them here. My latest is a 1989 Toyota Camry LE, 400480.0 miles on it, 4 cylinder, never been overhauled and with every available option and everything works. I have serviced it since 1997 when I met the original owner and now I own it. (I spent 35 years in So-Cal) I have to take it off the road, completely cover and wrap it up tight to protect it, and drive my winter bomber; a 2002 Ford Taurus LX which I got from my niece who got it from my dad and now I have it with 154300.0 miles. It wasn’t taken care of as far as body rust. I should get another few years out of it until the body splits in half behind the front doors, that’s the weakest spot where the rust has taken out most of the rocker panel.

  2. Please keep us updated! Congrats! I have a story to tell as well (my cars have never reached that mileage because each time I’ve had some person hit my car and total it): THIS WAS DIRECTLY LIFTED FROM AN EMAIL I SENT TO A FEW CHUMS AND FRIENDS

    Hello! Two of you have asked me about the cars i’ve owned. I personally dislike doing a lot of typing, so i figured that i would share this with my friends who i think have an interest in cars so that i won’t have to retype this again in the future. So, please note, if this doesn’t interest you, feel free to stop reading this, and delete it-i don’t mind. I just figured that if you were going to ask about this soon, it would save you the trouble of asking, and me the trouble of retelling it.

    Well, short story, i’ve been driving for about 2 decades and have owned 7 cars (6 of them Hondas)

    Ok,. long story:

    When i was a lad, i knew NOTHING about cars, and decided to get a used one with the $1.5k burning a hole in my pocket! So, i bought a 1985 Ford Tempo. Hey, it had only 125,000 miles, was only 7 or so years old (at the time), and those “foreign” cars like Honda and VW were so much more expensive at the same age and mileage. So why not go for it???

    Well, i learned QUICKLY why Ford Tempos are so cheap-they are RUBBISH!!! I had it for 6 months (at a time when i drove MUCH less than i do today), and in that time i sank over $1k into it before i realised that it was throwing good money away. This four cylinder car was literally running on 3 cylinders when i got rid of it.

    From there, i bought a 1988 Honda Civic. It was $7500 *(the most money i spent on anything up until that time) But that baby was SWEET. This was the car i used to first go on roadtrips. I took by best friends Ben, Damon, and Clint cross country in that thing (a feat in and of itself-the ’88 Civic was smaller than the car i own now, and two of the four were fairly big boys not to mention our luggage and all) Well, that Honda was problem free as far as i can remember. I don’t think i did anything to it but put tires, brakes, and oil changes. It was killed in 1997 when an old man in a ’78 Lincoln Mark IV came up to a stop sign i was sitting at and didn’t stop (this is a running theme for me as you will see as you read on). Damon & I were in my car, and we hit Ben (who was in a ’85 Toyota Corolla) with Clint as passenger. We smacked him so hard that he went into the intersection! (Fortuneately nothing was coming). We were all unhurt, but the first thing the guy said was “Hit you pretty good there, didn’t i sonny?” Now, it WAS an accident, but that flippant remark made me see red. I’m glad my buddy Ben was there to calm me down!

    Ok, so then i decided to splurge with the insurance money and a bit i had saved and buy a BRAND NEW car! (The only time i ever did this foolishness!) I purchased a 1997 Honda Civic! A silver sedan (the one i owned when many of you met me) That was $14.5k. I am happy to say i paid for it all myself, but my parents were kind enough to cosign a loan (the banks didn’t see my loveable, squeaky clean, sincere, (and any other adjectives i facetiously want to add) 22-year old self as a shoe-in for a loan (those Philistines!) Well, i pioneered in the ’88 and the ’97 Civics, so by that time, with the roadtrips, and the pioneering, and the congregation visiting (i used to do a lot more of that), i was putting on 20k miles+ a year!

    So, in 2001, i figured, why not buy a 2nd car to have as a beater i can take trips in? (Yea i know-i’m just glad this materialistic faze didn’t last) So, i bought my dream car-a 1986 Honda Accord! (That’s no joke-it really was my dream car-i loved the body style with the pop-up headlights, and the carburetor 1.9L engine that had torque. It didn’t get the gas mileage of the 1997 Civic (i got 40MPG in that baby!), but at 32MPG it was no guzzler-besides, gas was still under and around $1/gallon then) I had two cars for about 6 months until a brother who had a real junker needed a car and i sold it to him (Thru no fault of his own, it got totaled less than a week of his owning it!)

    Well, i still had the ’97 Civic. That baby had over 200k miles by 2006, but i didn’t care-i haven’t had a car payment since 2000, and the car still ran beautifully, until disaster! I was stopped at a traffic light when a tractor-trailer failed to stop! (See, i told you it was a running theme!) Again, i was unhurt (which i thank Jehovah for), and i knew of a sweet 1996 Civic for sale that was the same colour as my car, same everything with 50k fewer miles. I snatched that baby up! Most people didn’t even know that it wasn’t the same car i always had!

    Well, hundreds of thousands of miles later, we come to 2012. This is when i experienced something that hasn’t happened to me ever before in a Honda-the car died a natural death! *(Hey, it had 400k+ miles on it, and besides that my best bud and certified mechanic Damon tells me that it actually only died because of the incompetence of the mechanic that changed my timing belt)

    I needed a car. After some time of looking, i bought a red 1997 Honda Civic coupe! This was different-all my cars were stick shift (save the Tempo), but this one really had more power! It was an EX, and handled differently too. Also, it needed some work (i put $1700 into it)

    Well, i only had 6 months to enjoy it (as long as the Tempo, but i only put 2000 miles on it, whereas i put 9000 miles on the Civic) when BANG!-another accident! This time it was a texting teenage girl on the highway hitting me from behind (a piece of CRIMINAL carelessness for which i really hope that her parents hit her behind for, but that’s another story… (i kid, kind of, but seriously, i hope that she was suitably punished for that-it’s no joke to text and drive-especially at 90MPH!!!)) Needless to say, my car was totaled, (but again, thank Jehovah, i was unhurt-and i mean this-i sincerely thank Jehovah for this. At least two of these accidents looked like they would have killed me from the damage to my cars)

    And this happened this spring, which brings me to the present day where i bought my green 1997 Civic! I hope this car lasts me to the new world.

    But i really can’t complain. Each of those accidents went as well as they could. Again, i (and the people who hit me) were relatively unhurt (the girl was a bit banged up), and also, the insurance companies never played games with me. (I got hit by the old man. They took his license away (he really didn’t have the sight and cognizance to drive), and they gave me a “ton” of cash. I got hit by an 18-wheeler. That alone tells you they gave me a goodly amount of money. I got hit by a texting teen. Another good amount of money (they even paid every cent i put into that red Civic) I’m just glad that each case was cut and dry)

    And each accident was local. Considering that i’ve driven to the Yukon, Mexico, California, Florida, eastern Quebec, and everywhere in between (or literally almost every spot in North America), that in and of itself is a miracle.

    So, that’s my brief (ha!) account of my driving. I don’t brag about this, but i am glad that my # of tickets have been few, and i have no accidents on record that are my fault. My insurance is LOW (especially now that i am pushing 40), and my expenses are few.

    But, i will say, that i personally love my Hondas. The only other car i might even consider is a Toyota (sorry, you VW lovers out there!)

    Thanks for listening guys-it actually has been fun writing about this!

    Your pal,

    1. Thank you Sean, your reply, sent to my personal email account is a copy and paste of what I read when clicking on the link from my personal email to read it. However, you didn’t comment on the ’94 Accord wagon posted here, where/when and how did you ended up with this car as well as the outer body rust through I was interested in knowing; how you keep it from rusting away in the rust belt. Where I live, by now that car would have no quarter panels or rocker panels left and if you needed to stop fast all you needed to do is put your foot through the rusted out hole in the floor and your foot on the pavement.
      It’s mazing (even though it didn’t even come close to my comment/questions I sent) with all those people totaling out your cars, you never getting hurt, you being well paid off by the other driver(s) insurance companies it makes me wonder if I would dare travel through your state. 🙂
      I’ve been in the automotive service business all my life and specialize in drivability diagnostics, computerized engine controls that are the hardest to diagnose correctly the first time. Those are all the things many independent repair shops and even some dealers can’t/won’t want to get involved in.
      Finally; my reply/comment to you was the first one I’ve ever made on this site so I don’t know if you car reply to a particular message (like mine) or the reply was an auto reply by the web site director.
      Patrick Grapes

    1. I must confess I was a little confused. As far as not getting hurt in the accidents, I truly am VERY thankful to God for that. I have quite a few miles on my green Civic (I always get the ’96-’00 generation Civics), and maybe this one will reach a high mile marker without getting clobbered! At least 500,000

  3. Patrick Grapes, you are very correct in saying I have been very fortunate to avoid any accidents of substance with this vehicle. I have had several Hondas and Acuras I really liked get totaled out in accidents, so I know how unfortunate that experience can be, but I have been very fortunate with this one. It does have some rust in the rear quarters, but like you said, for the age and mileage it is doing pretty well. Both my front and rear bumpers are pretty beat up from minor fender benders over the years, but like I said, nothing serious. I actually work as a Honda technician and one of our customers has a wagon just like mine and she asked about the rust also and avoiding it, and I told her really the only way you could avoid it is if you get ahead of it before it starts forming. Maybe you could pressure wash out the fender well areas and spray some undercoating in them? I really don’t know, it is very difficult to avoid.

    I wanted to say to Tysonhugie also, I saw you have a 1994 Legend with over 500000 on it? Where are you at now? That is incredible, you deserve a lot of credit. I also own a 1994 Legend that has around 220000 I believe on it, and I know first hand they can be a little difficult at time and have to be cared for to keep going good, but man are they awesome cars when driving right! Truth be told, I like driving that one way more than my Wagon. I actually have four vehicles right now. I probably would have hit a million a while ago if I didn’t shuffle between them!

    1. Yes, it rolled it over about three weeks ago! I got the video on my phone, but I am not the most tech saavy guy, so wasn’t sure how to download it somewhere. Maybe I will just have my wife post it on FB.

  4. Mike I have the same wagon with the 5 speed with 150000 miles. They are incredibly hard to find 1994 was the only year they made the ex wagon with a 5speed and apparently they didn’t make many of them. I am also in Wisconsin 30 minutes east of the twin cities but rust is an issue with mine just starting on the rear fenders. How many timing belts have you done on it?
    I currently have an issue with mine smelling like gas fixed all exhaust leaks cleaned egr ports etc. Any advice

    1. I believe it had 7 timing belts done if I recall correctly. I did them around 150k, I think the 90-100 number is pretty conservative unless you have a prelude, which is the only Honda that I have actually seen break them. If you haven’t done yours yet at that age and mileage I would though. The rust issues are unavoidable on these unless you really had one new and could spray the inside of the fenders really well, which obviously nobody has the chance unless you have the fenders replaced. Do you have any oil leaks? Often oil leaking onto the exhaust makes such a smell as you described, otherwise I would look back by the tank, the middle seam of the tank often starts to seep a little with age, or those rubber hoses start to crack in the back between the metal pipes that run down the car and the tank. Older Hondas also didn’t have advanced enough evaportative emissions systems to set check engine lights if there is a leak in that system, so you may want to check the fuel lines and pipes in the engine bay and under the car also. If anything presents itself and you have further questions, just post to here and it emails me. Good luck and take good care of the wagon, like you said they are rare! I been wanting to get another 5 speed one and no luck finding one so far. Driving my wifes old automatic EX wagon now, and it just isn’t the same to me.

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