HMC Exclusive: 2000 Sienna with 380,000+ Miles


Here’s a story that Nancy wanted to share with us. Can a Toyota Sienna rack up the miles? You betcha!

Odometer Reading: 380,005
Year: 2000
Model: Toyota Sienna

From Nancy: I’d like you to meet “Supercar.” She was at the front of the production line and I was driving her by 1999.

She has been so very reliable, but I’ve never expected any less from a Toyota. Her transmission was rebuilt at about 285,000 miles and various parts have needed replacement.  – an ignition coil, most recently. Overall, the cost of ownership has been very low. My only complaints are interior and exterior doors handles and buttons. At this point, every door has a problem that I’ve not fixed, because I just can’t afford to. I can’t open the rear hatch or the passenger slider, for instance.

Nancy, I hope you can keep that beautiful Sienna together for another 120,000 miles. Then you’ll be hitting the big time. We’re with you all the way. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

6 thoughts on “HMC Exclusive: 2000 Sienna with 380,000+ Miles

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  1. That’s great I have a 07 Toyota Sienna with 374000 miles on currently. The neat thing about it is I never had any work done on the transmission or the engine. I did have some coils replaced replace the spark plugs twice ,and change the transmission fluid twice and of course oil every 8000 miles to 10000 miles. I travel for my job I run the car hard it amazes me every day I’m figuring I’ll hit the 400,000 mark by August at the latest.

  2. We have a 2000 Sienna with 380k on it. It’s still in amazing shape in and out. Nothing major has been replaced. Just regular maintenance. We are planning on taking it with our rooftop tent to the Grand Canyon north rim from California. We never worry, we load it up with kids and gear every summer for our Yosemite trips.

  3. I currently have 332,000 miles on the same make, model, and year. I only have one door that works properly. There are no recalls either. Very frustrating. Congrats🎉🎊

  4. We loved our 2002 Sienna (bought new) but our salty winter roads were the kiss of death to the air conditioning system. With 225,000 miles we traded it in for a newer Sienna (2008) that also ended up with major AC problems (estimated over $3000 to repair). So we traded it in on a leased 2019 Sienna. Love this one also (except I’m not a fan of the new front end grill – looks like some kind of Klingon space ship.

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