HMC Exclusive: 2003 Toyota Tundra – 424,000 miles




Hello high-milers. We are back up and running for September. I’m going to try launching with a new format here and see if it makes the articles any easier to read. Let me know what you think. Here is a HMC exclusive from Wayne.

Odometer Reading: 424000

Year: 2003

Model: Toyota tundra

Wayne loves his truck.  He states that the inside is worn, it has some dents, but has been a construction workhorse for 13 years. It has pulled trailers, spray machines, materials, campers, and never complained.

Comment from Wayne: Her heart is as strong as the day I got her! I love my truck……there is none better!

There you have it folks. Another happy high-miler. The fact that we are talking Toyota is not a surprise, though a truck from Toyota. That’s pretty neat.  Wayne, let us know when you his 500,000 miles! What a beautiful truck you have.

2 thoughts on “HMC Exclusive: 2003 Toyota Tundra – 424,000 miles

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  1. Hi, my Toyota tersely just hit a million plus miles. It’s a 1995 DX. I bought it with 350,000. Now I’m a poor man. My oil changes are on Auto zone parking lots. So no records of maintenance. Needs struts, door handles broken but still functional,body rusted out and needs a rear tail light. Otherwise she rolls. Call her my rollerskate. Has taken me back and forth between Missouri and Minnesota. To Fargo and surrounding areas of Minnesota. Called Toyota corporate, spoke to a Deiedre and she says she’s not aware of any policy regarding million miles club. Oh well. Maybe if I had the tundra I’d get recognized.

    1. I’d love to do a story on your car. If you could fill out the form on the main page and send me some more info, I’ll do a story on it. Thanks.


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