Breaking: 2000 Corvette with ALL THE MILES

This breaking news comes to us from Tyson Hugie at Drivetofive, HMC reader and long time High-miler. Someone named Mark owns a 2000 Corvette, and according to that video, that vet has 649, 248 miles on it. I know, right? Insane! The surprise isn’t the mileage itself. It’s how new that Corvette is. It’s simply amazing.  If you know Mark, or you are Mark, please contact us. I’d like to talk to you about your Corvette.

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  1. I found this site while searching for record odometer readings on 1992 chevy Silverado pickup.

    Needless to say I am glad I did
    my truck is a 5 speed manual with a 4.3l six cylinder motor.
    Currently with 408990 miles and still going strong.
    I got the truck in new Orleans in 2004 and it had about 140000 miles I drive the truck every day. I have regular maintenance by a mechanic
    who “took ownership” and treated the truck as though it was his own.
    Every 30 -40 days I drive the truck about 2500 miles round trip from Georgia to Kansas.
    the body is in great shape, no rust but does have right front fender damage from a icy road incident in kansas.

    When hurricane Katrina hit new Orleans the truck was at a car rental while I was in Kansas City. I wasn’t able to get the truck Until 45 days due to curfews.
    I got in the truck, turned the key and and the truck started immediately. Had no problems with the engine but replaced the transmission.

    I plan to drive the truck Until the motor breaks then get it fixed and keep on trucking.

    1. Marvin, I can blog about your truck if you’d like. Just send my a “Contact us” mail and then I’ll get you to send a photo of you and the truck.

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