Some Sort of Volvo Made Over a Quarter of a Century Ago Hits 400,000 Miles

Here’s a great story from the Hannibal Courier-Post about a lady named Dolores Treat who has amassed 400,000 Miles on her ‘Volvo.’ She bought it used in 1989 and it has seen service ever since. They change the oil every 3000 miles and the car has never been in an accident. I would assume that there hasn’t been a major repair on it either, other that having the seats reupholstered. This is the kind of article that we love to talk about. The sad thing is, they never mentioned the model and year of the car. I might have to dig a little deeper on this story.

Seriously though. Let me know if I missed the model and make.


Update: HMC’s Volvo Expert Paolo was all over this story. Within moments of me posting it, he was able to tell it’s a 240DL. Check out how he did it in the comments. Thanks again Paolo. You really know your classic Volvos. Wow, hard to imagine a car from 1989 being classic. I am old.

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  1. Jason,

    You don’t have to dig deeper into the story – as the resident Volvo enthusiast here I can answer most of the questions about Dolores Treat’s car. I read the article and immediately recognized the model from the picture and the description.

    The article mentioned that the windows and door locks were manual. That right there was an automatic giveaway – it’s a 240 DL, the entry-level and lowest-priced car Volvo offered in the U.S. for the 1989 model year. Power windows and cruise control were optional for the DL, but standard on the GL – DLs would get those items as standard equipment for 1990. Every other Volvo model – and all 700 Series cars – had power windows, locks, cruise and a sunroof standard in ’89.

    Just by looking at the picture of Dolores and her car, I could tell right away that her Volvo is a 240. The windshield surround is chrome, while on the 700 Series cars it was black. And I could immediately spot the rear seat headrests. Those were new for 1989 in the 240s. Another giveaway is the top of the dash binnacle – I spotted a large crack in the middle and they all crack in the exact same spot.

    1. Great detective work. I have very little experience with Volvos. I’ll update the article tomorrow with your find. Thanks a million….:) You are truly our Volvo expert.

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