2002 Skoda Octavia with 500k on the Clock

Posted: February 12, 2014 in 500000+
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In order to find stories about high-mileage vehicles for this blog, I’ve set up a number of google alerts to help me spot stories as they come in. Well, when you set up ‘500,000 miles’ as the tag, you get all sorts of false positives about air miles and, I kid you not, penis enlargement ads. Basically,  content completely unrelated to what I want to know. However, if you add any more tags, that is usually enough to kill any results at all. But today I got an alert on one of my tags that send me hurtling toward this youtube video.

A guy was using a 2002 Skoda Octavia as a taxi. Apparently the car, while falling apart, still runs quite well. The youtube video gives a nice rundown of this unique vehicle I had perviously never heard of. The odometer meter is shown as 512, 123miles, but it clear his put more on it during the video. So I have no idea what its at now.

  1. Reese R says:

    Good find!! Skoda produces one of the best cars in industry and are quiet VFM products which pleases both enthusiast and others!

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