Lexus LS400 with Almost 900, 000 miles on Ebay

Would you like  to join the high mile club, but can’t really be bothered with all that ‘driving’.  No worries, this ebay auction will solve your problem. Just bid on this 1996 Lexus LS400 and you can have ALL the miles in a matter of minutes. Well, 896, 977 to be precise. That will put you in shooting distant of a million.  There is still time to get your bid in. The seller says it still drives like a 100,000 mile car. I would request a service history on that one. Still, it looks like it’s in pretty good condition for that mileage.  Thanks again to Tyson Hugie for this awesome and interesting discovery.

Update: If you are the winning bidder on this thing and you come across our blog, let us know about the car. We’d love to hear more about how it drives.


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