Selden Cooper and the Million Mile Volvo 240

Today’s story is a special one.

You won’t see too many like this on here. This is the story of Selden Cooper and his 1987 Volvo 240 sedan. Through crazy maintenance and what can be attributed to a miracle, he has taken his car over one million miles. There are various places you can read about this amazing story. I’m linking to this one because it doesn’t originate from Volvo itself.  There are only a couple of other people who have taken a  vehicle this far, and we’ll get to another example in a little while.  One interesting stat is that he has taken the car in for over two hundred oil changes. That is a lot of oil.

The story is a few years old now. I wonder if Selden is still driving his Volvo. It’s a beautiful machine. Well done!

Can you imagine driving the same car for twenty five years?  Have you? Well, feel free to share your story here. Let me know in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “Selden Cooper and the Million Mile Volvo 240

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  1. According to a friend of mine in my Volvo club, Selden still owns the million-mile 1987 240 and drives it from time to time. However, he recently purchased a used 2005 S60 (with 175k miles, at that) and now drives that one every day.

  2. @jasohill – Are you the blog’s moderator? I don’t mind telling you some Volvo stories, since I’m passionate about the brand. I actually met Mr. Cooper at a Volvo event in New Jersey in September 2012. He had just turned the millionth mile the week prior to said event. He was a nice guy and let me look at the car in-depth.

    1. I am certainly the person who runs this site. I just started it last month. If you have any stories you’d like to share about meeting Selden and his car, we can do a quick article about it.

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